ASSASSINATION LIST: Cosmas Atabor Replies Austeen Otene

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ASSASSINATION LIST: Cosmas Atabor Replies Austeen Otene

Following a Facebook post by one Austeen Anibe Otene claiming knowledge of the existence of a list of persons he says have been “penciled down” for possible assassination, the lawmaker representing Igalamela/Odolu Constituency, Hon. (Barr) Cosmas Ilemona Atabor has replied Austeen Anibe Otene, described his claims as “baseless, fictitious and mischievous.”

In a post on Facebook [Saturday, 24th October, 2020, 8pm] Austeen Anibe Otene gave a list of fourteen persons he claimed (without evidence) to have been slated for assassination, including the Igalamela/Odolu Constituency lawmaker.

“I ordinarily would not waste a second paying heed nor replying to such a malicious and ‘meant to destroy’ trust, friendship and status’ of people write-up, but I have decided to for posterity sake.

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“Austeen Anibe Otene, you and I HAVE NEVER met and sat down to discuss any issue be it, intellectual, political and or religious.

‘I am a bona-fide member of the APC which is to the glory of God in charge of Governance in Kogi State today. I am also a duly elected member of the Kogi State House of Assembly.

“HE. Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello is the leader of the party and State and my Governor. His Deputy, Chief Edward David Adavize Onoja has been a brother and friend and indeed, the very concrete pillar of the burgeoning political careers of many young men and women including ME in kogi State.

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“I am very aware of the fact that my Governor and his Deputy, are not killers and have NEVER either in private or public discussed the killing nor hurting of anyone.

“Now that Kogi State is in the news for all Good things despite the plethora of negatives bedevilling the Nation, you and your cohorts are back to your normal stock in trade: spewing lies and inconsistencies with a view/hope of causing fear, hate and dissension within the ranks of the leader(s) and good people of Kogi State that are serious about changing the hitherto unsavoury narrative(s). My brother, you have failed this time. Woefully.

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“I urge you to snap out of this fazed existence. I will not bother going to petition you to get you to come and explain how you got your unfounded and dastardly information because that will only make you feel more important. I rather, ask you to take a rethink of your existence. Are you happy? Is this what you got educated to do?

“Finally, I advise that you henceforth steer clear of my name and personality when you embark on your ventures,” he stated.

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