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*21st June 2020* .

Ordinarily for the sanity and respect for the dead, we won’t dignify the authors of the ill-Conceived Article claiming the death of the late Mallam Abdulmumini was the hand work of assassins, below is the true picture of what actually happened.

At about 12:00hrs Yesterday 20th June 2020, There were reports and rumours that a young man named “ABDULMIMUNI” was missing.

The SSA Security in charge of Yagba East local government who happens to be a close family relative of the deceased ordered Security Agencies to Conduct a search Party for the Missing Young Man.

All through yesterday 20th June, the Missing person was not found in isanlu town until reports came from the chairman of the Okada Association that he saw the deceased at a town called “ITAKETE ISAO” parked beside the road and he enquired what the problem was which the deceased responded there was nothing that he only parked to Wait for someone.

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As at this morning Around 08: 00Hrs, The families of the Missing Abdulmumini acting on intelligence reports from the Okada Chairman Swung into action together with the SSA Security and The Divisional Crime Officer of the Isanlu Division of the Nigerian Police and the Men of the Vigilante Services enroute “ITAKETE” where the Car of the deceased was packed.

Upon getting to the location where the car was parked, a search was conducted around the area and within a radius of 50 Metres, The Corpse of the Deceased Abdulmumini was discovered lying on the ground with his car keys and mobile phones intact with signs of vomiting of substance “Suspected” to be Poisonous.


Police officers on ground observed the Scene critically and took pictures before the body was recovered and took to the Isanlu general hospital.

At the Isanlu general hospital, the Chief Medical Director of the Isanlu general hospital and medical personnels on ground who incidentally happens to be a brother to the wife of the deceased Conducted a physical check on the Body and checked for neccesary vital signs of suspected Assasination and upon investigations, *he said there were no signs of strangulation, Bruises, Bullets and cuts or widely percieved rumours of “ASSASINATION” and further told the family to proceed to conduct an Autopsy* if they so wish to ascertain the remote cause.

Security Agencies led by the Police and the DSS Also Buttressed the Position of the medical Doctor and *Asserted that though the death was a painful one but preliminary Checks points at Suicide as all signs which are associated with the “POSTULATED” Views that the deceased was killed was not present upon a very close examination of the body.*

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We Urge the general public to to Disregard All false information about ” *INSECURITY IN YAGBA EAST”* as it’s the handiwork of Sons of Hate, Failed and Expired political elements who are Bent on Causing mischief for reasons best known to the author.

The SSA Security Commiserated with the families of the deceased and prayed for the repose of his soul.

The Deceased Abdulmumini has been Buried according to Islamic Rites with the SSA Security Personally Present at the Interment.

*Media Unit*

_Office of the Senior Special Assistant to his Excellency on Security (Yagba East LGA)

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