Kabawa: The Story of A Forgotten Community: Gov.Yahaya Bello Made A Good History. By Abbas Yahaya

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The area called Kabawa community in Lokoja, the Kogi State capital, is accorded a lot of significance given that it is the traditional home of mostly, the indigenous people of Lokoja. It is the traditional seat of power of the Lokoja people. It is in fact a combination of some quarters namely: Sardauna junction, Hausa junction, Afakiriya and Kporoka.

The Maigari of Lokoja and other prominent indigenes of Lokoja live within and around this ancient community. Colonial relics and ancient structures still dot this traditional community as one saunters through But beyond its significance of being home to the indigenous people of Lokoja, Kabawa is a Mecca of sorts as it also serves as the permanent resting place of six prominent Northern emirs who were deposed by the colonial authorities and banished to the area where they eventually died and were buried

The six deposed emirs who are resting in Kabawa include the late Emir of Kano – Malam Aliyu Abdullahi (Maisango); the late Emir of Bida – Malam Abubakar; the late Emir of Zazzau – Malam Aliyu Dansidi; the late Emir of Gwandu – Malam Muhammadu Aliyu; the late Emir of Zazzau – Malam Muhammadu Lawal Kwasau and the late Emir of Gumel – Sarki Abubakar.

It has so far produced the first Speaker of Kogi State House of Assembly in the person of Alh. Musa Abdullahi of blessed memory, during late Prince Abubakar Audu’s regime. It has also produces the first, second, third and forth House of Representative from Lokoja town In person of late Alhaji Yahaya Idris Abbas [Sardauna Of Lokoja] and Late Arch. Umar Buba Jibril. While It has also produced distinguished Senator Tunde Ogbeha.

Since 1991 to date according to this reporter, the area had a successful leadership of Islamic and political institution having large number of it’s people as fishermen, farmers and living along the areas of River Niger immensely contributing to the development of the state but no Government put the area into consideration to get a good accessible road.

The sad and pitiful story originating from the lips of the people is that despite the major contributions in development of Lokoja being the second largest Ward in the Lokoja political terrain, with a bankable votes, no Government made any successful efforts to construct the 2 Kilometer road that connect the teaming communities inhabiting the verse areas that borders with the people of kabawa Anguwan-kura, Madabo, Palace, Rimi etc even with the return of Democracy since 1999.

Since then, to the people of Kabawa are years with tireless struggle to emancipate the people through good road but all to futility. The years passed by in decades but flied to the wings of futility and a no answered prayers years. A visit to Kabawa whether during rainy or dry season is a story of a road like leading to “Golgotha”. The people of this communities experience the toughest hardship in transport and movement as a result of flood in Lokoja metropolitan. During the 2012 and 2022 flood, the e typical Sardauna Junction road blockage which got vehicles stuck during the period and the yearly non-maneuverable rainy season’s are pitiful and pathetic experiences which were utterly appalling, disastrous and unbearable for commuters.

His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello Gave Kabawa Community A New Story.

After decades years of pains and suffering endured by the entire community of Kabawa, today it turned up to be a watershed story, a marking history of posterity as joy of people of kabawa knows no bound by the simply gesture and fulfillment of his campaign promises to them as a Governor. The road now is model that remains in the history of Kogi development.

Today, 14 October, 2023 was a celebration of a major breakthrough and the event had witnessed hundreds of people has onlookers pouring out encomiums of praises to Gov Yahaya Bello led administration to have break the jinx and killed the monster behind the rehabilitation of the failed promises by the past Government.

The turning up of Sons and Daughters of Kabawa, where former Rep members, Traditional titled holders and Spiritual leaders level trumped in wearing hilarious faces in appreciating the Governor for his strides in trying to change kogi with his roads rehabilitation projects across the state.

A former woman Leader, Hajiya Marka was full of joy assured the Governor of their ever total loyalty support his Government to succeed.
According to her, Gov. Bello had given them all what some stakeholders die struggling and fighting to get as development

I’m joining the people of Kabawa the happiness and the motorable road they are now enjoying at this rainy season that used to be a health on earth experiencing when plying the road. It is a no more complain, no more horible experience. It’s now a economic boost experience, thank you Gov. Yahaya Bello for coming at the nick of time to save a people in dere need of road rehabilitation.

This a reminder to the people of Nigeria, Kogi and of course Kabawa that good leader was once led well, living to see continuation of his giants strides he has set in the state as peddels of development.

Thank you ;Rt. Hon Aliyu Umar Hon Danladi Aguye Hon Bin-Ebaiya Shehu Tijjani Hon Adam Bala for your various efforts in making this project a reality.

Abbas Yahaya
Multimedia and Investigative Journalist
Writes From Lokoja

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