Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo Remain a Gallant Victor. By: Idris Isah

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Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo Remain a Gallant Victor.

By: Idris Isah
Arewa Trust Newspaper Abuja

Kogi election: Tension is all over the state and the political atmosphere of the Confluence State had been largely heated up to the extent that residents of the state were living under the fear of imminent political crisis necessitated by comments and activities of some political gladiators, particularly the opposition parties.. The duos have already drawn battle lines, as electioneering campaign is ongoing, fortunately enough, the people of the state may have kept their faith in their chest on would-be preferred candidate who may be a rallying point in realizing their socio-political and economic dreams in the next four years and beyond. The people seemed to have discovered this desired quality in one of the contending candidates for the forthcoming governorship election in the state, and no other person but Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo, of the APC. they have collectively resolved to entrust their mandate to him in the November 11 election.

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Ododo involvement in the contest in the forthcoming governorship election in the state, ushers in a fresh wave of political anticipation and amplifies his significance in shaping the ultimate outcome. His candidacy is destined to draw attention and cast a significant influence on the contest, portraying him as the “Big Masquerade”, whose actions and decisions would no doubt, leave an indelible mark as the next Kogi state Executive Governor, insha Allah.

Interestingly, the ruling party, the All Progressive Party, APC, is clearly on ego trip, because it would be a political disaster for the party and the incumbent governor to lose the election to the opposition parties in the state, as the rivalry parties, would no doubt want to rubbish the outgoing governor and all the legacy he is leaving behind, hence the outgoing governor had no choice than to choose and anoint one of his trusted and tested aides to take over the leadership mantle from him, that would continue the good work he had initiated in the state and on the popularity he had build and enjoyed with the people of the state, to further prove that he remains unshaken political metaphors, the “White Lion” of Kogi politics.


Surprisingly, most of the contending candidates has not clearly articulate any policy-issue that will benefit the people of Kogi state. They are not talking about Education, Infrastructural and Human development, they inflamed ethnic and clannish expansion in their electioneering campaign messsges in the state, except Ahmed Ododo who in his wisdom maintained the slagon of good and inclusive governance, if elected.

Electioneering campaign-base issues are what matter to the people of Kogi state, not the ambition of a few disgruntled politicians with bloated egos. What we are hearing from the few is a curios appeal of ethnic sentiments like “we are the majority, so it’s our birthright; power should return to us”; sentiments that do not have a place anymore in the emerging Kogi state politics or stuff-like. Whatever the level of the elitist gang-up, Ododo need not lose sleep over his victory in the November 11 governorship election, as he has the people behind him.

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