Confluence Breed International School Lokoja Holds Career Day

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…As Publisher Tasks Parents to Allow Children Choose Career Based on Interest.

Confluence Breed International School Lokoja has held It 2023 career day with a call on parents to allow children take a career of choice without parental influence.

Abu Michael, Publisher/Editor in Chief, The Nigerian Post Newspaper gave the charge while making a presentation on Journalism as a Profession that has unlimited opportunities in career Prospects.

The Publisher disclosed that the world would not be a complete place to live in without the Journalism Profession.

Mr. Abu explained that the world now lives in a world of information, communication, said with the advent of technology, the place of journalism has become very expedient so that people can be better informed of happenings around the world.

“In today’s world, people, events and happenings take place every minute and seconds reason why, citizens must be abreast with happenings around them and by extension the world they live in”.


Mr. Abu said Journalism is the activity or profession of writing for newspapers, magazines, or news websites or preparing news to be broadcast, said in recent times, the place of Online Media, where people sit in the comfort of their homes with their phones to access and read news are now made possible by the Journalism Profession.

“The importance of the Journalism Profession makes it to be called the fourth estate of the realm. It is a Profession recognize by the Nigerian Constitution coming after the Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary”.

Almost all University’s Polytechnics Mr. Abu explained now offers Journalism or in simple terms, Mass Communication.

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The subject combination he said includes; English Language, English Literature, Government, Religious Studies, Economics, Commerce and Geography.

The advantage of studying Journalism Mr. Abu explained makes a professional to be versatile and can fit anywhere in the society and in other work places.

“Your employment opportunities is beyond working in the newspaper, radio, television houses. You can end up being a script or speech writer, Author, edit written work of authors, Publishers as well as serve as Secretary of Organization”.

The opportunities of becoming a Journalist Mr. Abu said are limitless, particularly in Nigeria were getting jobs is now becoming pretty difficult, said Journalism training makes one to be self employed and employer of Labour without so much stress.

The career Prospects in the Journalism Profession Mr. Abu added is handsome. “With Journalism, you can become popular, rich as the remuneration are mouth watering. The Journalism Profession brings you to the corridors of powers as you meet the powers that be and the most influential”, said the remuneration is far better than most paid jobs in the Civil service and other less paid work places”.

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“The Journalism Profession allows for career Progression. Aside the fact that your competence allows for progression, the mobility of Journalism is one that allows you to change jobs within and outside the shores of Nigeria”.

Mr. Abu congratulated Confluence Breed International School Lokoja for sowing seeds of success in the lives of pupils and students, described the school as the best place for those who want to become tomorrow’s true leaders.

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