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Aɮɖʊʟʀaʊʄ Yaɦaʏa

Sʊռɖaʏ, Nօʋ.19, 2023.


1. All praise and adoration be to God, for the reality of your political ambitions. Your Excellency, Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo, elected Governor of the confluence region in the just concluded electioneering poll, I say, CONGRATULATIONS on your victory as the next occupant of *Lord Lugard House*. It’s a well deserved win!

2. Lets me state categorically that your extraordinary talent, hard work, dedication, vision and aspirations, has brought you this accomplished moment over your co- contestants from within the seventeen other political parties, across the state. Impressively, your eagle dared, while your vulture landed in style. From the inception of your governorship race; the flight was harrowing and turbulent and at last, you conquered with a systematic political calculus, polling 446,237 votes. From all indices, your victory at the poll clearly indicates that the Executive Governor of the state, HE. Yahaya Adoza Bello, has performed excellently and meritoriously to making the struggle a successful one, via utilization of his immunity, as the seating Executive Governor.

3. More also, this piece will not be complete without congratulating GYB, for espousing people- oriented programmes, policies and other developmental strides in the state. The historical epoch of GYB’s administration would be written in the greenness book of record, as a master tactician and fearless detribalized Governor. Without mincing words, let me quickly commends the voters, for their individuals unrelenting efforts, before and during the election. Without much stress, the people of kogi state has spoken through the ballot, holistically. However, despite the electioneering vanquished, my unreserved commendation goes to the Independence National Electoral Commission(INEC) for conducting a free and fair elections in the state. I also hail the security agencies for their neutrality, proactiveness and for ensuring a peaceful poll despites some antagonist. For a mentioned, there are several youth and women group formed and stood in- supports of this projects. The group with numeclature: *Hon. Ododo Ebigo Connect Ambassadorial, under the umbrella body of Hon. Comrd.Abdulganiyu Okaraga, Comrd. Abdulmaleek Garba*, and others, remain the only sociopolitical advocator and a core supporters of honourable ododo’s ambition. The group also served as the brain behind the postulation of *Kogi Agenda*, coupled with her unrelenting grassroots mobilization . In fact, your Excellency sir, the group deserves much recognition and accolades.

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4. In the foregoing, my distinguished Governor, as you prepared to take up the responsibilities and challenges of your high office, may I say, I deeply believe that you will perform your national obligations with true devotion, patriotism, endless energy and clear vision, piloting the affairs of the state to a state of an eldorado. Your Excellency sir, there is noting much more honourable than serving your people effectively and efficiently. I urge you to honourably reciprocate your leadership kind gesture towards all kogites from across the three catchment areas of the state, for being there for you during the sun shine and rain, during the day and night. Candidly, they are the key factors to your victory.

5. To the aphorism, “one good turn deserves another “. Also, borrowing a leaf from Malcolm Forbes, victory is sweetest when you have known defeat. Your Excellency sir, you are surrounded with multitude of political giants in and outside the state. The elder statesmen, the traditional rulers, women of virtues, die- hearted youths, etc, are all in your support. As I pray, may your Excellency never fall as a prey in the cobwebs of political godfatherism.

6. However, your emergence as an elected Governor of kogi state, was as a result of those multitude mentioned above therefore, a monumental developmental mechanism in all facet, is all that is expected of you to attain. The state is in dire need of a credible, honest, dynamic and visionary leaders, ready to build on the developmental stride of GYB. Sir, your antecedents have prepared you for the precedent state task. I urge your excellency to be a bridge builder; to reunite all kogites towards greatness no matter their political affiliation, ethnic differences, gender or tribal differentiation. I want to use this salient medium to earnestly ahoy your Excellency to be magnanimous in victory, to stage a round- table conversation and rally the support of your opponents in the election to ensure continue good governance in the state. Without much ado, it’s unfortunately that the other aspirants for governorship ambition crashed because of reasonable number of votes to win. Indeed, they all remain leaders of substance and valour, mentally vibrant and politically savvy. They are also an instrument to the transformation of the state to it desire placement. Our state is endowed with vast both human and natural resources. It’s pitiable to admit that kogi state is the least developed state in Nigeria due to past bad leadership system.

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7. In furtherance, Mr. Governor, may the Almighty God empowered you with much energy to tackle the challenges confronting the state. It is a popular saying that the sun do shines on whoever stands close to it before it shines on whoever stands away from it. Sir, as the next present occupant of Lugard Chamber, I want to quickly reminds you to take into consideration most importantly the payment of salaries, human capacity development, ajaokuta steel revitalization, security enhancement, and power rotation among the tripled- stand senatorial districts. The pundit had it that prior before providence favoured the central axis, the eastern part had spent 16 years without power relinquishment. Does this really count, sir? One need to wonder why kogi west are yet to produce an elected Governor. Messrs Governor, we should bear in mind that the concept of *power rotation* in this millennium is the only required solution to the problem of dominations; a recipe for political stability and the extent to which can engender state integration and the only key to stable democracy in kogi state. Sir, do take cautious note of the aforementioned listed.

8. permits me to using this medium as golden opportunity to announced that, igala, okun and the ebira were all committed to ensure your victory. Excellency sir, it is a centre point to note that, your new office should serve as a clarion cal, for the consolidation of good governance in the entire kogi state. You have been an advocator of positive change for betterment of our state. Endeavour to serve diligently to promote peace, unity, harmonious relation among your canvassers from across the state geopolitical zones. Mr. Governor, let me clearly stated here that, your political caliber knows how to play the game, please do play it well, for posterity sake.

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9. My distinguished Excellency, the next number one citizen of kogi state, once again, I Congratulates you sir. It’s all yours. Keep doing awesome on your incredible victory. Your accomplishment is praiseworthy henceforward, keep up the good exemplary.

10. On a final note. All movements and outcomes which occur in this world are obligatory movement forced by natural law, to willfully determine actions and wilfully achieve perfection and purpose on earth. I wish to accord you, to identify with you on the promotion of your ambitions, or blue print, to liberate kogi state politically in view of socioeconomic development and progress. I believe you possessed what it takes to deliver the good dividend of democracy to kogites, going by your eminent track records on effective and efficient management of both human and non humans resources. On this note, I encourage your Excellency to continue with your good deeds for humanity course.
Conclusively, executive responsibilities requires circumspect and gumption leader who are prescient of the futuristic pedigree. In the light of this, your excellency sir, your policy and blue print therefore must be in tandem with a clear vision. A holistic wholesome and integrated approach should be adopted by your government to discover every young and talented personality in across the state. A complete sustainable developmental parameters should be devised, so that a young and healthy generation can be nurtured.

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