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It is obvious that politics, they say, is much more complicated than just being well-known. It requires a careful balance of resources, community ties, policy knowledge and the ability to effectively represent and lead.

Recently, in a rear privileged occasion, I sat down with Hon. Alhaji Lawal Idirisu, the immediate past House of Representatives member, represented Ajaokuta Federal Constituency, to discuss some vital areas of his compassionate appeal and his landmark achievement in the legislative House of Representatives and areas of his political relationship.

During the discussion, though not formal, Alhaji Lawal, a renowned philanthropist, made some remarkable comments that attached my attention, took to make them out. Alhaji Lawal said, during the discussion, that, and I quote, “I have passion to make people happy, it’s an inborn. That’s the flair that make me and other politicians a parallel lines. I would always employ every opportunity at my disposal to ensure my people are happy, irrespective of class and social ranking”.

Alhaji Lawal, further said, that, “I see no reason for being voted into power or leadership position and your people would continue to wallow in destitution and abject poverty with some basic needs being neglected, that it is imperialistic and excessive wickedness. That is why even in office or not, I would continue to embark on my usual empowerment programs to address poverty-related issues of my people. If your people who voted you into power are not happy with you, I repeat, YOU ARE AN IMPERIALIST”.

Alhaji Lawal’s, record of achievements speaks for itself. He is undoubtedly, a brilliant and seasoned politician. His record-breaking achievements, ability to build successful followership and his longevity and consistency in the game of politics make him a true legend of political artery. Unlike some political leaders in the area, who only think and pursue their personal interest, literally abandoned his followership into suspense. This set of erring politicians, no doubt, losses their strong political foot-soldiers. The followers may have wisely refused to continue committing their loyalty, in the political unconscience and inconsistent journey, they must have seen them (erring political leaders), as a dying political brand that is running out of ideas and stream, that they (the erring politicians) must now decide to choose between dignified political retirement.

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