Courttesy Visit: Consider your request fulfilled on political appointment for non-indigen in my Cabinet, Hon. Destiny assured TIV Community.

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In a warm atmosphere in the office of the Caretaker Chairman Mopamuro LGA were the presence of the TIV people from their various settlements on a courtesy visit to Hon. Ademola Bello, led by one Mr kelvin.

The leader of the group appreciated the Chairman for his relentless effort to bring lasting solution to herders/farmers tussle that has undermine peaceful coexistence between them. Furthermore, he sought the political inclusion of none-indigen in the new administration for them have full participation in the political activities of the Government of the day.

The Chairman while appreciating their visitation assured them of maximum cooperation as long their activities is in tandem with the rules and regulations that governs environmental laws in the State.

I will visit all your settlements in due course and be certain that your request for inclusion in my cabinet shall be given express consideration because you have become a larger part of our Constituency and your political participation in the past elections were visible for us to see, therfore your request is a done deal, Hon. Destiny acknowledged.

However, I want to emphatically put it to you that my administration will not pamper any act of misconduct or attempt to bridge security network efforts we are trying to establish in the Local Government Area. Whoever is found wanting shall be decisively dealt with accordingly. I urge you all to be law abiding and we shall both enjoy peaceful coexistence and dividend of democracy we craved for, the Chairman added.

In addition to the voice of the Chairman, the Secretary to the Caretaker Committee, Hon. Wale Elekula in the course of given vote of thanks emphasised the need to be security conscious in their environment and be mindful of unwanted activities that will geopadise the efforts of the Chairman in terms of security and the overall well-being of the Constituency.

*Reporting from the media Unit, Mopamuro LGA Caretaker Chairman, Hon. Ademola Bello Destiny.*
*6th of February 2024.*

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