To achieve a palpable developments you must be in one accord, Mopamuro Council Boss Hon Ademola Bello brokers peace between Cashew growers/union and licensed buying Association.

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The repeated misunderstanding which has long caused disunity amongst Cashew growers, Lincensing and buying association and related union has on this day been settled by the Council Chairman to foster smooth relationship that will enhance cooperation amongst Cashew merchants, buyers and their agents in Mopamuro LGA.

In a meeting that lasted for over two hours, the Chairman carefully listened to their various complains, views and observations and proffer peaceful solution that was acceptable by both parties.

It was agreed that merchants from various Company in search of Cash Crops must contract the services of the LBAs henceforth rather than sorting for sub-buyers to usurp the duties of the LBAs.

The merchants are good at evading tax due to this sharp practices instead of passing through the LBAs which is guided by bye law from the Federal, State and Local Government.

All we wanted from the the merchants group is for them to purchase the Cash Crop, warehoused, scale and load them in tons in Mopamuro LGA thereby enhancing centralised revenue generation of such busines activities within the LGA, the union stated.

The Chairman of cashew growers and buyers association Hon. Aworo assured Hon Destiny that he will join hands with the LBAs to block all the leakages around the business which is affecting the revenue generation in the LGA. Due deligence shall be upheld henceforth, he submitted.

More so, the standard of measurement was fixed and was agreed upon.

Furthermore, the Chairman inquired from both parties how best they wanted the system to run and unanimously, they wanted the merchants to stop direct dealings with sub-buyers but rather the LBA and if they fail to follow the directive, their goods shall be impounded and eventually fined to serve as deterrent.

In addition, Task force shall be set up with immediate effect to strengthen the resolutions.

A market place was agreed within the local government to serve as a buy and sell centre for farm produces. This synergy among the farmers, unions and buyers shall not be a harmful one but strengthen the relationship among the players who are into partnership in business.

*Hon. Ademola Bello Destiny’s media Unit, Caretaker Chairman Mopamuro LGA.*
*9th February, 2024.*

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