365-Days of Historical National Assembly Election That Ushered in a New Dawn of Political & Leadership Direction in Ajaokuta Local Government. ———————————– By: Idris Isah Itopa, Media Practitioner, Abuja.

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Ajaokuta was in celebration and jubilation mood immediately after the National Assembly and Presidential elections were declared by the INEC Returning Officer, all in favour of All Progressive Congress, APC, that also produced the candidate of APC, Hon. Sani Egidi Abdulraheem (SEA) for the House of Representatives and Ahmed Bola Tinubu as President of Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The empire that turned Ajaokuta local government to a jungle since inception of democratic dispensation in Nigeria, completely fell out of the political system. The election that uprooted the dynasty was fair, highly credible. There was no ballot snatching and stuffing. There was no violence that could result to killing and maiming of the electorates or voters as usually recoded in the previous elections in the area. There were no incidences of electrical manipulations, as the INEC electronic new device greatly reduced all manner of voting manipulations and riggings.

Interestingly, since democratic inception, we have never hard it so good, as people freely express their franchise and vote their choice of candidate without molestation and intimidation.

I salute and commend the electoral empire that created the milestone.

I also salute the elders, youths and traditional rulers, religious clergies and other prayer warriors, that constantly knock the door of heaven for the grace and help from Almighty God to make this historic history possible in Ajaokuta local government and the country as a whole.

I deeply appreciate the courage of Ajaokutans who did not allow place of origin, religion and political affiliation to distract them from diligent protection of their chosen right. I further appreciate our traditional rulers that eventually aligned with their people to make this qualitative change of political snd leadership direction possible in the area. I also salute our youths, our women, who made a shame of gifts of money and other materials borne out of politics of deception and fake philanthropy, but trooped out in large number to exercise their franchise.

The outcome of the February 11, 2023 election in Ajaokuta local government, by the grace of God, was total all in favour of All Progressive Congress, APC, and was a forgotten conclusion.

The new dawn of political direction, no doubt, would remove our garment of shame in Ajaokuta local government, and there shall be a new lease of life under the new elected leadership. We shall stand tall among others in the federal and state legislative houses, now that the old in the jungle has been chased out and this jungle shall become a civiilzed community of a new prosperous Ajaokuta.

Interestingly, so far, our representatives at the Lower Chamber of the National Assembly, Abuja, Hon. Sani Egidi Sani Abdulraheem, has been living up to expectations, by providing the desired needed dividend of democracy to the well-being of the good people of Ajaokuta Federal Constituency. Upon inauguration into the Lower Chamber of the National Assembly, and to demonstrate the seriousness with which he regards his mandate, he redefined the priorities of the Constituency he represents. His revolutionary approach to socio-political and youth development in the area brought the recent political appointments to our energetic youths in the area, such as Commissionership, Caretaker Chairman, Council Secretary, Supervisory Councillorship, etc, etc., which he uses political-will and position, to influenced.

My humble advise to our elected state, federal representatives and political appointees, is that, there is an adage that says; “position either elective or appointment, are temporary RANKS and TITLE, and are limited in nature. But the way you treate people and your community will always be remembered. There is no doubt that when the political ingenuity, good representation, contribution to community development, productive deliverance and unwavering patriotism, is being written, your name would definitely be etched in GOLD, as you have successfully transformed the socio-economic status of the community you represent, to a reality during your glorious tenure in office”.

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