12 Brigade NA Repels Heavily Armed Robbers in Ayingba, Kogi

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In a display of bravery and valor, the gallant troops of the 12 Brigade of the Nigerian Army repelled a group of heavily armed robbers in Ayingba, Dekina Local Government Area of Kogi State.

The incident occurred at about 1700 hours on Thursday March 7th, 2024 , when the robbers attempted to raid some commercial banks in Anyigba

According to eyewitnesses, the armed robbers, numbering over a dozen and wielding sophisticated weapons, stormed the town with the intention of carrying out a large-scale robbery on some banks in the areas.

However, their plans were swiftly thwarted by the quick response of the 12 Brigade troops stationed in the area thereby preventing heavy casualties and minimizing a devastating havoc to the banks.

A reliable Military Source told our Reporter that the troops of 12 Brigade Nigerian Army led by seasoned officers, engaged the robbers in a fierce gun battle, forcing them to retreat and abandon their nefarious mission.

“Despite being outnumbered, the soldiers demonstrated exceptional courage and tactical prowess, effectively neutralizing the threat posed by the criminals,”

“There were no reported casualties among the troops, while the robbers suffered significant losses, with some of them believed to have been injured,”the military source said.


Some residents of Ayingba, who spoke with our Reporter on condition of anonymity, expressed their gratitude to the Nigerian Army for their swift response and decisive actions.

According to the residents, the troops timely intervention undoubtedly saved lives and prevented further chaos in the town.

They praised the soldiers for their selflessness and dedication to duty, reaffirming their confidence in the military’s ability to protect and defend the nation.

The military source stressed that the repulsion of the heavily armed robbers by the 12 Brigade NA serves as a testament to the Nigerian Army’s readiness and capability to confront security challenges head-on, further bolstering the nation’s resolve in the ongoing battle against crime and insurgency.

However, it was gathered that no fewer than three persons allegedly lost their lives during the attempted robbery attack before the intervention of the troops.

Some eyewitnesses told our Reporter that a trader as well as a policeman and a security personnel in the attacked bank lost their lives to stray bullets.

Meanwhile, the Kogi State Police Command is yet to respond or issue any official statement on the incident as at the time of filing this report.

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