A Christian Home by Samuel Shiaka,FCAI

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What is a Christian Home we may ask? This is a home built by Christ himself. It is never divided. It is never separated by any doctrine or faith or societal ideology. A Christian home is made up of a certified Christian man and women who were united or join together in a holy matrimony in a church as husband and wife. . Such home are properly established in line with the provision of ordinance of God. They worship together, pray together, sing gospel songs together and share in holy communion in a church.

The vows that took when the union was. to be joined together remain sacrosanct and the children born to that family grow in the fair of the Lord. Indeed they belong to one faith, one communion, one baptism and worship in one church. Any thing come short of this is not a Christian home. In a Christian. Home Christ dwell there with the holy spirit guiding and taking charge of all that operated within that spectrum. That remind me of that Hymn composed by B. B. McKinney and often sang in the form of prayers.
God give us a Christian home
God, give us Christian homes
Homes where the Bible is loved and taught
Homes where the Master’s will is sought
Homes crowned with beauty
Your love has wrought
God, give us Christian homes.
God, give us Christian homes..

2. God, gives us Christian homes
Homes where the father is true and strong
Homes that are free from the blight of wrong
Homes that are joyous with love and song.
God, give us Christian homes,
God, give us Christian homes

3.God, give us Christian homes
Home where the mother in queenly quest
Strives to show others Your ways is best
Homes where the Lord is a honored guest
God, give us Christian homes,
God, give us Christian homes.

4. God, give us Christian homes
Homes where the children are led to know
Christ in His beauty who loves them so
Homes where the altar fires burn and glow
God, give us Christian homes
God, give us Christian homes

Going through the content of this hymn we have a lot of issues of concern to raise. Most Christian homes are in dinosaur as a result of illicit separation caused by greedy church leaders who don’t mind the impact of separating an established home. You are busy destroying a home for the purpose of accumulating wealth for yourself. Remember every family has a registered church they attend and suddenly there are issues in the home rather than trying to resolve such issues some of our church leaders go after the women to cajole women to leave their blessed home to start attending their church in the name of spirituality. That does not occured in Muslim religion. If it ever occured it is too minimal to be ignored. How can you explain this phenomenal where the house wife almost worship a pastors of a church and relegate the legal husband. The only person qualified to be given marriage adoration is the husband who is addressed as daddy of the house or the head of the home and not the pastor or priest or prophet as they may be called. Some church leaders have destroyed established protocol of a united home
Many husbands today worship in different churches with their wives worshipping in another church. You made the man looks like a widow each time he go out to worship his God. What a dangerous trend in Christian faith. The implication of this separation is much on the unity of that home and the children. There wouldn’t be peace in that home which gradually leads to untimely death of one of the parties. It is against this back ground we need to check this social ills in our churches. Not every one is gifted with the gift of living a hard life or making query a way of life but it is important conferences of church leaders should see to this unhealthy broken chain in our family structure. If the woman cannot attend the same church with the husband let them peacefully divorce and each get the best that satisfy their mind. This is 21st century where God is using the family to build his glory. We are not told that Joseph and Mary the parents of Jesus attended different churches. The Bible says they are one to the end That is why churches are seen to be instrument of unity and not encourage divided home. Where such phenomenon is noticed in a family the church leader should invite both couples to resolve whatever is the burning issues between them and let them come together as one body as enshrined in the gospel. It is unfortunate that churches are been turned to commercial centres where the highest bidder controls the leadership of the church. No we are wrong.l can see why Jesus ask the question that by the time he return will he still see one full body of Christ?? That is why children today suffers the consequences of this failure. Children are reared in confused home with father another attending different places of worship. Wives submit to your husband’s and husband’s love your wives as Jesus loves the church.
Church leaders should be admonished not to encourage broken homes but encourage the unity and cooperate existence of the home. Don’t use your greedy nature to destroy established homes. Let the gospel grow in all ramifications Be a mender of broken homes and united husband and wife to attend one church . Divided homes leads to divided children and by extension divided society.

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