DAS FINE! Being A Tribute To Umar Ibrahim Dasuki-Das-Dodi by His Excellency, Edward Onoja, The Deputy Governor of Kogi State

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Being A Tribute To Umar Ibrahim Dasuki-Das-Dodi by His Excellency, Edward Onoja, The Deputy Governor of Kogi State

His name was Umar Ibrahim Dasuki-Das-Dodi. He was my friend and tragically, we lost him today, Tuesday , 26 May, 2020.

Dasuki, also popularly known as Das, was a jolly good fellow, a practicing muslim, a devoted family man, an astute politician, a hardworking businessman and a fellow Kogite who loved the state and his native Lokoja with all kinds of passion.

At the time of his death, we had been pals for close to 15 years. We had come a long way and done a lot together. For a while, we were in opposing camps in politics but that did not matter to our friendship. In 2019, Das voluntarily joined us in the APC and in his characteristic manner refused to take a back seat.

Once persuaded of our course in the New Direction Administration of His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State, Das became a great believer in the EBIGO Agenda and saw it as probably the greatest move to unify our state along 3 deep fault lines of E,R and C” (Ethnicity,Religion & Class) since its creation. He became a key members of the APC’s G21 and it’s leader from Kogi West which went into every Local Government Area advocating a unified Kogi and a new era of cooperation and integration.

Sadly, Das took ill shortly afterwards and it was quite serious. So great was his impact in the short while he worked with us that the Governor intervened personally in his case to make sure he got adequate medicare. Das rallied and had been on the mend for a while now, which is why his sudden passage is such a shock.

Yesterday, I received a spiritual and urgent urge to visit him. His mother had just passed a day before then. The visit was therefore most opportune. Along with another great friend, Arome Olofu and my usual posse, I called on him at his residence. He was elated to receive us and we had a very good time. Just before we left I requested permission and prayed with him. It was clear that he was very touched. As I rounded up my prayers, I observed my friend had drifted to a deep sleep. As we made to leave, I sounded

Das- We don dey go o
He awoke and replied,
“O boy The Prayer enter my head, e enter my body”.

We laughed…

I left there certain he would soon be rejoining us in the field.

From there I went to Ogugu to share the Sallah with my people. We had several meetings with key stakeholders. During one of such meetings, I was moved to speak to my people from my spirit. I told all and sundry to be careful about planning and scheming for a future none of us has any control over. I insisted that we only have the moment and we must maximise it for the task at hand. I categorically said none of us sitting can say for certainty who amongst us will see the sun’s ☀️ rising tomorrow.

I awoke this morning to hear that Dodi has died. Personally, it is a great loss and the events of the last two days has convinced me that we must live our most productive life while we have the chance. It is a lesson to the living to take care not to strut and prance as if we have a down payment on the next moment.

Das death is a great loss to everyone who knew him and to his community of Lokoja. Kogi State has lost an up and coming frontiersman.

To the family he has left behind, how can we console you? In all, don’t worry too much. Das had great friends, and we will be there for you.

Rest In Peace, my friend. I am glad we got the opportunity to speak and hang out one more time before you left.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un. May the Almighty God forgive Umar Ibrahim Dasuki-Das-Dodi his shortcomings and grant him al jannatul firdaus.

Deputy Governor of Kogi State
26 May, 2020.

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