Eid Fitr; Kogi State Chief of Staff Reassures Kogites of more Developmental Strides, call on all Muslims to put into practice lessons learnt during the Ramadan period.

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*Eid Fitr;*
*Kogi State Chief of Staff* *Reassures Kogites* *of more* *Developmental Strides,* *call on all Muslims to put* *into practice* *lessons learnt during the* *Ramadan period.*

Kogi State Governor Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello through the Chief of Staff has called on the good people of Kogi state especially the Muslim ummah to put into practice lessons learnt during the Ramadan period and to love and share with the less privileged in the society as exemplified by Prophet Mohammed (SWA). He urged Muslims to promote a life of sacrifice, charity and love for one another as Ramadan encapsulates Almighty Allah’s commandment on the faithful to get closer to him and to live totally in self-denial and moderation. He also charge Muslims to pray for the nation’s leaders to remain focus in the discharge of their duties for the overall interest of Nigerians. Most importantly, he buttress the need for religious tolerance to engender peaceful co-existence, unity and a prosperous Kogi state and Nigeria

In another news, Governor Bello while addressing the news men shortly after observing the two rakaats at the praying ground in Lokoja the state capital said, ” The concept of being our brother’s keeper means that we make those around us happy and we should use this period of Eid-el-Fitr to reach out to the less privileged in the society and make them happy.” He added, “Our government has assured all citizens of Kogi state of a change in their standard of living for good. Leadership is about compassion. It is about care and our administration’s roadmap focus primarily on that since the inception of this government in the areas of infrastructure, security, agricultural development, youth empowerment and the creation of employment opportunities.

When this adminsitration came on board, our major priorities was centred on development, human and capacity building. Kogi people around the world had always dreamt of having a Governor who will launch the state on the national and international stages; a unifier who will collapse the walls of division; a patriotic leader who places service above elections; in Governor Yahaya Bello, their prayers were answered and they found solace and comfort. It was a fresh of a breath air that reshaped the mentality of the Kogi People. Projects were spread all over the State and the institutions of government were ushered into a new vista of development for a prosperous Kogi state and her citizens and there are equal representatives from the three senatorial districts that made up Kogi state and all the appointments under his administration were spread, a situation which has helped break down the barriers of ethnic jingoism.

Before His Excellency took over the mantle of leadership in Kogi state insecurity was rife. Robbery and kidnapping were perpetrated with reckless abandon. The State gave up while the reign of terror continued. When he took over on January 16 2016, the Governor took the bull by the horn, the government implemented the recommendations of the various committees and embarked on its  implementation to tackle the problems of the state, the administration declared war on the kidnappers and other terrorist activities and today the rest is history. The Governor in his wisdom proffer a suitable solution to curb Highway Crimes, the administration of Governor Yahaya Bello ensured the clearance of 40 metres on both sides of highways to ensure criminals have no hiding place. Provision of assorted security equipment for security agents in the state. Construction of Army Forward Operation bases at different places across the state to enhance the security of lives and property and Encouraged a robust relationship between the State Government and the various security agencies in the state. This has boosted the morale of the security agents to defend the Kogi territory vehemently.

In the aspect of health sector, The Healthcare Plus Program has been hailed as one of the best healthcare policies in the nation today. The program has made it possible for pregnant women to have access to no-cost medical services across the state. It was borne out of the commitment of the Governor to ensure women don’t die anymore in the process of giving birth to children. This a big plus to our battle against maternal mortality. This initiative is free healthcare services for pregnant women as part of efforts to tackle the rising rates of maternal and infant mortality. The aim was to make pregnancy as safe as possible for poor and vulnerable women, who cannot afford antenatal and delivery care in hospitals. There was also a renovation, remodeling and re-equipment of primary healthcare centres, and free maternal and newborn healthcare services with the purchase and delivery of 63 million Naira worth of drugs distributed free, across the 21 LGAs to reduce child mortality rate and maternity kits, were distributed to 6,000 pregnant women across the state as social support for the period of their pregnancy under the healthcare plus programme. The New Direction Government done a massive job on renovation and construction of new hostels and Clinic at the School of Nursing, Obangede.Construction of an administrative block at the School of Health Technology, Idah Strengthening of the State Action Committee on HIV/AIDS enlighten the people about the dangers of contacting the disease.The State Government has also come up with a modality of Workplace Diagnosis to prevent work place deaths as a result of unknown or lately discovered health conditions.

Agriculture play a pivotal role in Nigeria economy and the Kogi state government is taking the lead in this aspect amongst the states in the country. The State Government has succeeded in facilitating loans for farmers to encourage mechanization and improved production of food.
The State Government cleared 1000 hectares of land across the state which were allocated to youthful farmers with farm inputs and agric machines services and procured 375 Fergus Tractors with complete implements, three quantities each for Mini Harvesters, Planters, Broom Sprayers, Rice Reapers and other similar equipment to enhance agricultural activities and boost production. The Omi Dam success story is a massive testimony of the achievement of the Yahaya Bello-led administration in agriculture. The scheme is positioning the state as the rice detination of Nigeria. The State Government has also empowered hundreds of youth to grow rice in the riverine areas of the state. The cog in the wheels of our progress as a state had been the wanton disregard for institutional correctness and reforms.

The Civil Service Reforms was a monster that many administrations before the incumbent avoided as a result of the fear of losing elections. Powerful Kogites who have so enriched themselves at the expense of the people of the state were involved in loading the payrolls of government with thousands of fictitious names to defraud the state. Governor Yahaya Bello refused to be cowed. He dared the cabal and stopped the stealing through a rigorous and thorough verification exercise. Mind-boggling revelations were left at the wake of the exercise and today, the government didn’t only succeed in removing ghost names from the service but have also digitalized the operations of the service as well as re-engineer the work psychology of the civil servants. A massive achievement that has set the state on the path of progress till date.

In Infrastructures, there is completion of the Lokoja(Banda)-Kotonkarfe electrification project. This has brought succour to the people of the area and sparked industrial development to promote production and generate jobs as well as improve the living standards of the people.The Electrification Project of Abejukolo in Omala Local Government Area. The people were grateful that it was a Governor from Kogi central that has decided to give them electricity despite the failure of their own son to do it despite being at the helms of the state’s affairs for 9 years.

In order to improve on the road infrastructure of the state, the administration of Alh. Yahaya Bello procured modern technology in road construction. Construction equipment were imported to raise the capacity of KOGROMA to deliver quality roads at a lower cost to the state. This has paid off as we have better roads constructed or rehabilitated by the Agency. The economic programmes of the Yahaya Bello administration has survived tumultuous period with deep seated aspiration to achieve high growth in the economy and to attain this height, the administration egg heads sought an economic policy that seeks to make that growth more inclusive with an eye on the next level of Bello administration.

To this end, His Excellency performance during his first term was in line with his re-election given the giant strides his administration recorded in the first term, and I am confident he will replicate his giant strides in the ongoing dispensation of his second term.

Pharm. Abdulkareem Moh’d Jamiu
Chief of Staff To Kogi State Governor

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