Gov. Bello presidential declaration, he has not violated 1999 constitution or APC constitution—-Chief Olafemi

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A chieftain of the All Progressive Congress (APC), in Kogi state, Chief Clarence Olafemi has said governor Yahaya Bello for contesting for the presidency, he has not violated Nigerian constitution or the APC constitution.

Speaking with newsmen in Lokoja on Saturday, the former acting governor noted that presidency has not been zone to any part of the country.

He mentioned that governor Yahaya Bello has the right to contest for the position of the president because he is qualify to contest.

“There are three laws in this country guiding election and you can not change it except through paliamentry legislation.

“One the 1999 constitution as a member, secondly the electorial law that guide election in this country and finally your Party’s guiding

“All this three their is non governor Yahaya Bello has violated. You talk of zoning, and abducted consensus which is not known to the law.

“For me why I aligned with him. Call his action rebellion, call it anything, it is better to be rebellion and defend your right. North Central is the most marginalised in the country and we are treated as second class citizen. Until we have some one that will stand up and say no then that is when we will be librated.

“The courage governor Bello has cultivated in this struggle is for the north Central. If he goes to the filed and is defeated he will come back home but for some one to say because the national chairman of the party had been zone to north Central he should go and seat down I disagreed with that,” he said.

Chief Olafemi commended governor Yahaya Bello for his courage and determination to contest for the race.

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