Hon. Zakari Yusuf ,kicks off rehabilitation of roads,facilitates employments/scholarships in Okene ll

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In less than seven months of being elected as the House of Assembly member for Okene II State Constituency, Hon Zakari Yusuf has began the rehabilitation of the feeder road at irigoni Quaters of Okengwe area of his Constituency as part of his desires to make meaningful impacts on his constituency.

Hon Zakari Yusuf who has been commended overwhelmingly by vast majority of his constituents for the laudable project of the road rehabilitation is also being applauded for using his good office to facilitate employment for two of his constituents into the state civil service as well as the offer of scholarship to one Ibrahim Abdulfatayi whose mother was part of the campaign team but died shortly after the House of Assembly Election.

The Assembly Member is being reckoned by the vast majority of his constituents for his outstanding performance in the state legislative business within few months of being a good representative.

The people of Okene II state constituency are highly hopeful of Hon Zakari Yusuf aka Nescafe performance as their representative in the days and years to come

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