HRH, Onumoko II Preaches Compassion, Faith, and Prosperity in Ramadan

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In a heartfelt Ramadan address, His Royal Highness Aliyu Abdullahi Onumoko II, the Adudi-Obombom Esusu Okengwen Ehi (Designate), has called on the citizens of Kogi State to embrace the spirit of compassion, faith, and prosperity during this holy month.

The Ramadan season, he emphasized, is not merely a time of fasting, but a transformative journey towards spiritual refreshment, compassion, and community connection.

Highlighting the significance of empathy and generosity, His Royal Highness urged citizens to remember and support those who are less fortunate. He emphasized the importance of reaching out with compassion and generosity, striving to alleviate the burdens of others and bring hope and light into society’s darkest corners through acts of charity.

Beyond his role as a traditional father, His Royal Highness assumed the position of a fellow believer, exhorting citizens to find strength in their faith during these challenging times. He emphasized the need to remain committed to their beliefs, using faith as a guiding light towards a brighter future.

Expressing his appreciation for the state government’s relentless efforts in improving the welfare of the people, His Royal Highness also acknowledged the challenges that lie ahead. He urged the government to address critical security concerns and promote economic growth, highlighting the importance of collaboration between the government and citizens to foster an atmosphere of prosperity for all.

Drawing attention to the untapped potential of the agricultural sector in Kogi State, His Royal Highness called upon the government to provide the necessary support and resources for farmers to thrive. He stressed the importance of investing in irrigation infrastructure, providing access to loans and technical assistance, and encouraging modern farming techniques to unlock the sector’s economic potential and improve livelihoods.

As citizens embark on this holy month, the message of compassion, faith, and prosperity delivered by HRH Aliyu Abdullahi Onumoko II resonates strongly, inspiring hope and unity within the community.

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