I don’t entertain failure-Fanwo

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Kogi State Commissioner of Information and Communication, Hon. Kingsley Fanwo has warned that he would not entertain failure from any agency under his watch.

In a meeting with expanded management of department under his Ministry, Hon. Fanwo said what easily makes him aggressive and ruthless is failure.
He warned that he hates to fail and would not spare anyone who is bent on scuttling his vision for the information sector.

The commissioner had reiterated that, “l don’t fail. The only thing that makes me ruthless and utterly aggressive is when l sense failure. I will not condone failure.”

He admonished the management team of the various departments, especially that of the State Newspaper Corporation to work as a team or he would be forced to take decisive action against them.

The Graphic which is the publication of the corporation, he maintained is presently not as it should be, noting that, “what is coming out there is not our standard. We want the paper to speak to different members of the public.”

Hon Fanwo further warned against peddling of rumours, saying “any organisation built on rumours will collapse”, adding that, “rumour kills the spirit to deliver and affects relationship.”

He went further to warn that he is looking for someone to make a scapegoat, adding that, “when we get just one person, we will use him as lesson to others.”

The commissioner told the respective heads of the agencies that should they succumb to rumour and fail, they would be listed as failures.

On his part, the Permanent Secretary, Mr. P O Stephen, whom the commissioner described as dynamic and workaholic, called for team spirit and the need for all the agencies to key into the vision of the commissioner.

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