Kogi Commissioner Alleged Rape Scandal: POHAN Condemns act, seeks thorough investigation, Justice

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The National body for former and serving Public Office Holders Association in Nigeria (POHAN), has condemned totally the alleged battering and rape levelled against one of its member in Kogi State, Mr Abdulmumuni Danga, Commissioner for water resources.

This was contained in a press statement issued from the office of the National President of POHAN, Chief Deola Eseyin, on Monday in Lokoja.

Eseyin noted that POHAN remained a recognised body known for embracing moderate virtues and encouraging ethical conduct virtues and enforce compliance to public rules by its members and beyond.

According to him, it displeases the association to receive a formal petition of an allege rape and battering case on Miss Elizabeth Oyeniyi, alleged to have been committed by the Honourable Commissioner for water Resources Kogi state, Mr Abdulmumuni Danga.

Chief Eseyin assured the public of the organised body’s unbiased integrity to ensuring justice was done to the two parties, regardless of who was involved.

He said that the disciplinary committee of the National body had been mandated to conduct immediate thorough investigation to justify the allegations and ascertain the truth of the matter upon which POHAN leadership shall act.

The President who aslo described the act as inhumane and unethical and least expected of a public office holder who should be guided by codes of conduct and by exemplary leadership virtues to the public, but unfortunately been caught in a gross ethical violation scandal.

He further called on other public office holders across the nation to be cautious of misusing public office and be guided against violations of both ethical codes of conduct and the extent laws of the land that ensures and guards all citizens.

Eseyin commended the swift condemnation of the act by the Kogi Government, and applauded the State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, for not aiding this gross violation of ethical conduct.

He recommended that for the purpose of equity, that the Commissioner should step aside from official duties to face proper investigation on the matter until proven innocent of the allegations.

He added that the outcome of the case was keenly awaited by the entire public.

”Hence, all the right measures must be taken to ensure justice is done to both parties and fair hearing should be granted to the alleged,” Eseyin said.

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