Kogi Covid-19 index case: Hold NCDC responsible if anything happens to Sheikh Ahmad Abubakar – Kabba/Bunu LG Reacts

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Kogi Covid-19 index case: Hold NCDC responsible if anything happens to Sheikh Ahmad Abubakar – Kabba/Bunu LG Reacts

By Sunday Ajayi – Kabba
Senior Special Assistance to the Governor on Security Matters in charge of Kabba/Bunu Local Government Area, Hon Ariyo Adebayo has called on the Federal Government under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari to hold the NCDC responsible if anything happens to Sheikh Ahmad Abubakar Ejibunu.

He said it as become imperative for the Local Government authority to add its voice, stressing that it is impossible for only him to have Covid-19, whereas his son that is always with him and other family members have been tested negative.

He said Covid-19 is not a sickness that can be hidden, hence there is no need for panic, as the death rate still remain normal, even lower than what the local government to record before now.

He said it is wrong of NCDC to carry out such test without the knowledge of the authorities in the state, stressing that their actions negates their rules.

Ariyo said Sheikh Ahmad Abubakar is a man loved by the people of the community hence he should not be allowed to suffer in the hands of the people that are head bent to record evil against the state.

He said as far as the authority is concern in the local government, no Covid-19 cases in Kabba and envron, noting that the family member that issues press statement yesterday is not resident in Kabba but in Abuja.

He noted that before the Sheikh left Kabba for lokoja and Abuja, he did not have Covid-19, that maybe it is when he gets to Abuja he contacted the virus.

He urged the family and members to allow the state authority to take charge as stipulated by law, pointing out that there is no need to create unnecessary fear and panic in the people.

He said people that are close to him have a clear understanding of his ilhealth, immediately he had encountered with the bees that stung him at a burial ceremony recently.

Ariyo noted that Covid-19 is real as seen in other states like Lagos, Kano, Abuja and other countries like USA, Italy and Spain, urging the people to continue to observe the protocol as advised by the WHO and NCDC which includes regular washing of hands, used acholic base sanitizer, use of face masks, social distancing, promote personal hygiene to curtail the spread of the deadly pandemic in the state.

He admonished all stakeholders to close rank and support the efforts of the State Government led by Alhaji Yahaya Bello to defeat the pandemic totally and also to reposition the health sector in the state.

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