Less than 100 Days In Office: So Far, So Good, College of Health Tech In Competent Hands

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To say that fate smiled on Kogi State College of Health Tech when San Umar Shaibu stepped into office as Acting Provost, less than a hundred days ago, is not an exaggeration.

Indeed, the new helmsman of the institution has performed an exceptional feat in so little a time.

San Umar Anataku Shaibu the immediate past Deputy Provost is a dogged man with a keen focus on pragmatic and innovative leadership. An excellent academic, this Sanitarian of exceptional character has brought to bear the wealth of his stellar precedents into transforming the outlook of Kogi State college of Health Sciences and Technology.

While it is certainly not a “eureka moment” yet, the achievements in less than 100 days lucidly demonstrate that the institution is in competent hands. Just as no building, however grand its architecture is, can be undertaken without the foundational work of ground breaking, the past several weeks have been a period of “foundation laying” for a better Kogi College of Health Tech under the visionary and charismatic leadership of San Umar Shaibu

Thankfully, there is enough evidence to convince anyone in this regard.

Holding true to the age-long axiom that asserts that first impression matters, San Umar Anataku Shaibu Being the administrator with sagacious managerial acumen that he is, Umar Shaibu understands that effective running of any academic institution requires a proper administrative structure.

Notable also, within only 100 days in office, has provided a drugs worth thousands of naira for the College Clinic, Construction of sitting benches for students, Repair of the College Coastal Bus, Proffered a lasting solution to all the intra- departmental issues and disharmony among staff, set up higher powered mechanism for improved academic activity within the college and lastly is the just concluded and and successful 17th Matriculation Ceremony.

It has been only a hundred days so far, yet it seems like well over a year already. Truth needs no arbiter, just as evidence does all the talking for itself. Let it be heard and known today by all men of goodwill, that Kogi State College is in a competent hands.

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