Okehi LG Administrator, Hon Ohaire And his Unrelenting Works for Good Governance

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Hon. Abdulkareem Ohiare, Chief Administrator of Okehi LGC.
In his bid to provide dividends and as ensure security of life and property to the good people of Okehi Local Government Area and its environ, the tireless, workaholic Administrator, Hon. Abdulraheem Ohiare has deem its fit and necessary as a leader who is ready to lead, serve and not to be served.
Another thing about him again is, he is a kind of leader full of humility who has throw away pride to embrace all and sundry without religion, tribes and party sentiment.
Below are part of his many leadership qualities Hon Ohiare, the Chief Administrator of Okehi LG.
The Chief Administrator of Okehi local Government, has sacrifice so much to achieve much for his people a direction he said has been his guide. As an intelligent, energetic young man, bless with prerequisite wisdom to serve his people selflessness without fear or favour, the council boss has demonstrated his ability, capacity on two districts with rich cultural heritage over the years where Hon Abdulraheem Ohiare was able to manage his domain with his youthful age without allowing power to over shadow him rather shows more capacity and extreme humility and commitment on every one who crosses his part.
Ohiare led Okehi LG Administration has brought unprecedented development which are not Audio/Video rather visible dividends spread all over the council for all to glance at.
On Humanitarian Service:
Hon. Ohiare has used his God given position to touch lives positively through his open door policy and many life has been changed in his magnanimous towards providing Succour to the needy, vulnerable and has also upset medical bills of those with health challenges.
On Security, Law And Order:
In history of Okehi LG, Ohiare became the first Administrator in Kogi State to have built a befitting Police station for his people with aimed of complimenting conventional security operatives efforts to curb all sort of crimes in the area. It is also on record that Okehi LG formally have a security post but due to his quick intervention the council presently have the Area Command Office situated in Okehi and Adavi Police Division respectively.
Hon. Ohiare has demonstrated his potentiality through popular Modern Trailer and Cattle Market located in Abobo and the story has been a success one.
The Administrator has order renovation and total overhauled of Okehi Local Government Printing Press to a modern standard with modern technology gadgets in order to meet up with demands.
Grading Of Feeder Road:
Ohiare led council administration has graded some roads which include, Okaito, Ohuepe and Ihima cemetery road among others
In his contribution to promote economy stability and ensure provision of electricity in his domain, Hon Ohaire, people’s friendly Administrator purchase Electricity transformers to boost electricity supply is some area such are, Abobo community and Okaito, Omavi and Oboroke and
Others include, purchased of mattresses for serving NYSC members and renovation of coppers lodge to a befitting standard.
Ohiare has done so much for his people but just to mentioned few, many has described Hon. Ohiare as a God’s sent serving to come rescue his people, redefined leadership and laid a solid foundation the future.
One good term deserved another and Hon. Abdulkareem Ohiare has taken Okehi Local Government to the next level of prosperity. Support him for Executive Chairmanship position.
King Habib, is the Media Aide to Okehi LG Chief Administrator, writes from Okehi and hail from Okehi LGC.  24 

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