Rt Hon Ahmed Mohammed :One the Emerging Leaders from Kogi State

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Rt. Hon. Ahmed Mohammed is one the few mature minds in the Kogi State House of Assembly; he is a grass – root politician, who has good grip of his people. He has created a niche for himself among the rural dwellers, with whom he has all his life identified with. The legislator is well loved, respected and honoured by his people. He is a rare breed politician with unequalled pedigree, high level political relevance, highly disciplined, a great motivator and builder of men.
Rt. Hon. Ahmed Mohammed, a man of great destiny was born on the 14th August, 1978. He is a native of Abache in Ankpa Local Government Area of Kogi State. The
[12/23, 6:57 PM] Felix Udebu: young Ahmed imbibed the good virtues of hard work and tenacity of his parents who brought him up to be God fearing and to always render selfless service to mankind. Today Hon. Ahmed Mohammed is currently the Deputy Speaker of the Kogi State House of Assembly and a strong politician representing the good people of Ankpa 1 State Constituency in the House of Assembly. His educational career began at Air Force Primary School, Port-Harcourt from 1985 to 1991. He later proceeded to Igah Community College, Ikeje Okpo in Olamaboro Local Government of Kogi State. In his unquenchable desire for knowledge, he proceeded to Rivers State Polytechnic, Bori where he graduated in the department of Banking and Finance. Riding high on the back of his impressive academic performance while in school and
[12/23, 7:02 PM] Felix Udebu: his upright upbringing, Rt. Hon. Ahmed Mohammed quickly got his first job with the defunct Universal Trust Bank where he worked as an accountant. He went further to work for Akpos Marine Limited, Port-Harcourt as an accountant later in life he ventured into establishing his own company name Ahmedis Concern Limited, Port-Harcourt.
Rt. Hon. Mohammed sometimes in 2013 or thereabout ventured into politics when he was invited by his people to represent them in the Kogi State House of Assembly under the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) his former political party. He won convincingly but today is a proud member of All Progressives Congress (APC) the platform that returned him to the house for the second time in 2019.
The legislator is happily married with good
[12/23, 7:02 PM] Felix Udebu: children around him
Honourable Mohammed has these uncommon attributes. He is a man with a humble beginning, a man whom you will like to meet personally, good looking, loving, a trusted friend, reliable and accommodating. His patriotism for his constituency, his unquenchable love for a disciplined life style, his insatiable appetite for challenges, his spirit of perseverance and endurance and his tenacity of purpose, all combined to make him a good leader and representative of his people.
He is incorruptible, always displaying skill, dexterity brisk, competence and he is very humane. Hon. Ahmed Mohammed is a proven achiever with an irresistible charisma and a track record of leadership
[12/23, 7:02 PM] Felix Udebu: qualities, transparency, honest and accountability have made many people to see him as their true leader.
Rt. Hon. Mohammed is a unique personality who has a crystal – clear vision for his people. He knows their needs and he works hard to provide those needs even when it is not convenient. He is a bridge – builder. He has always vowed to extirpate ethnic jingoism in the state and he has friends across the country, not minding ethnic or religious difference.
Furthermore, Rt. Hon. Mohammed is a team player. He believes strongly in team – work.
He feels for the less privileged in the society. He is well bothered with the current situation of youths and women in the country.
It is very important to state that this
[12/23, 7:03 PM] Felix Udebu: amiable legislator representing Ankpa 1 is an individual who fears God. Despite his tight schedule, he anchors everything he does to God who has given him the knowledge, wisdom, strength and grace to carry on.
To many out there, Rt. Hon. Mohammed is a multi – talented distinguished Nigerian with the modest calling in helping people. Many Kogites also see him as very eloquent, brilliant social, courageous, affable, stupendous and prudent.
He is a man full of life, energy and focused the vast experience he has in resource management has aided him to bring the much desired progress and development to his constituency.
Finally on his attributes Rt. Hon. Ahmed Mohammed loves to inspire others to achieve greatness in life.
[12/23, 7:04 PM] Felix Udebu: ACHIEVEMENTS
During his 2015 campaign tours of his constituency Rt. Hon. Ahmed Mohammed promised to provide effective representation for the people, create avenue to empower the youths, women sand artisans, encourage entrepreneurship, develop basic social amenities in Ankpa 1 state constituency. Furthermore, he promised to provide employment for graduates, create welfare facilities for the elderly persons and the widows.
Within the last five years as a legislator representing his people, Rt. Hon. Ahmed has achieved landmark successes in all fronts. He has been up and doing at all plenary sittings, constituency stakeholders meetings effective oversight activities as well as responding to the needs of his people.
[12/23, 7:04 PM] Felix Udebu: Through his foundation, “Ahmed Mohammed foundation “Rt. Hon. Ahmed launched a skill acquisition and entrepreneurship scheme to train and empower youths and women in different skills such as tailoring, mechanic ICT/ Computer engineering first set of this programme graduated in 2017 the legislator has continually provide tools and money to start their own micro- businesses.
It is noteworthy to equally state that Rt. Hon. Ahmed invested seriously on water projects for his people drilled boreholes in Enare wo – Abache, Iyaya – Abache, Amoke, Ejinya – Ugbonobi, Emere Ate, Enelie, Emanyinwo , Acharane etc
Meek as a lamb but courageous as a lion in spirit, his consistent and excellent record continued to pave way for him. His
[12/23, 7:05 PM] Felix Udebu: uncommon achievements in politics, community development and his love for excellence and discipline endeared him to the populace. At the last count, Rt. Hon. Ahmed has given out several motor cars, scholarship, motorcycles, tricycles, essential drugs, sewing machines and cash to his constituents.
In recognition of his rare feats, the people of Ankpa 1 state constituency renewed his mandate to serve them beyond 2019, today he is enjoying second term in office courtesy of the good people of his constituency, and again, in recognition of his contributions to humanity, Rt. Hon. Ahmed has received many laurels from within and outside Kogi State.
[12/23, 7:05 PM] Felix Udebu: Rt. Hon. Ahmed Mohammed has so far demonstrated exceptionally well on the floor of the Kogi State House of Assembly by coming up with series of people oriented motions.
Motion calling on the state government to review the contract awarded for the construction of Ankpa township road.
Motion calling on the state government to direct ministry of water resources to tackle urgently the challenges of inadequate water supply in Ankpa L.G.A
Motion calling on the state government to urgently intervene in the high rate of insecurity in Kogi State.
Motion calling on the state government to rehabilitate, equip and ensure efficient functioning of vocational and technical colleges in Kogi State

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