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Rt. Hon. Paul Gowon Haruna is a man specially made by God and presented to mankind, and especially to the good people of Dekina/Bassa Federal Constituency of Kogi State and Nigeria in general. His charismatic personality, inclusive approach, and commitment to good governance have stood him out of his peers. Without a doubt, he is one of the brightest minds in the State. He is a legislator that has been working so hard to bring strong ties and unity within Dekina/Bassa Federal Constituency, Kogi State and Nigeria since he was elected as a lawmaker at the House of Representatives in 2023.
To start with, Chief Paul Gowon Haruna, popularly known and called IJN, strongly believes in inclusiveness where every segment of the federal constituency which he represents has a voice and role to play in some sort of decision-making processes. He recognizes the diversity of his area and he has continued to ensure that all ethnic, religious, and socio-cultural groups are well informed and carried along in policy formulation and implementation.
He understands clearly that past political and social divisions have hindered progress in the constituency and he has committed himself to work tirelessly to build bridges and heal old wounds by fostering dialogue, reconciliation, and understanding among different groups. This approach will definitely promote harmony, cooperation, and a shared sense of purpose.
Hon. Haruna recognizes the vital roles of the youths and women in nation-building, he sees them as vital stakeholders in the federal constituency, helping to shape and re-shape the future of younger generations in the area. He has created strong platforms for meaningful youths and women engagements, provided opportunities for their active participation in decision-making processes and ensuring their voices are heard.
Rt. Hon. Gowon Haruna quite understands the importance of the traditional rulers in fostering unity and stability within various communities, hence, he empowers them to serve as ambassadors of peace and unity. By recognizing their role in community service and development, Hon. Paul Haruna aims at strengthen the bond between various communities.
A key achievement of Hon. Gowon in office is the equitable distribution of resources and opportunities to all parts of his federal constituency. He continues to prioritize economic development initiatives that would benefit all political wards under his jurisdiction, through job creation, skills development and inclusive economic policies. He has shown tremendous and consistency in representation. Hon. Gowon has always desired a better life for his people and human society in general. One could still recall that when he was in the Kogi State Assembly in 2011 down to 2015 he was so magnanimous that he shared his constituency allowances to all wards on monthly basis. No wonder, when he signified his good intention to go to the House of Representatives he got an overwhelming support across the federal constituency. Hon. Paul Gowon never had any serious opposition during the last general elections, he won with ease because eight out of the ten opposition political parties and their candidates threw their weights behind him.
Education is a powerful tool to break barriers and promote social integration. Hon. Gowon has focused more on improving access to quality education especially in marginalized areas, provide scholarship for indigent students, payment of external examination fees, provision of instructional materials where needed and encouraging girl-child education in the constituency.
The presence of Hon. Paul Gowon Haruna in the National Assembly, Abuja, has helped to usher in a period of socio-economic re-engineering and improved national development, bringing about a reduction in poverty, promote fair-play and justice, create massive job opportunities, improve on security, peace and unity. His leadership has demonstrated his good character and capacity when recently he met with some sons and daughters from the constituency at both Lokoja and back at home where he spoke on his achievements and his concerted effort to bring more dividends of democracy to the area. This is just the first such interactive session in the annals of the constituency.
The truth must be told that many things are working well in Paul’s favour through the intervention of God Almighty and the good people of Dekina/Bassa Federal Constituency of Kogi State. He has strong willed, full of energy, loaded with wisdom, knowledge, good-will of the people and above all God’s divine support on his side. He has come to inject fresh air and new ideas into governance. Dekina/Bassa Federal Constituency needs a leader like Hon. Gowon who understands the pains and struggles of his people, definitely, he has been working so hard for the common interest of all.
Chief Paul Gowon Haruna was a former legislator in the Kogi State House of Assembly between 2011 and 2015. He served as chairman House Committee on Special Duties and General Services and a member of the House Committees on: Public Accounts, Women Affairs and Peace and Security, in all these he served diligently. He is very accessible, good in human and capital developments and well-articulated in terms of proffering solutions to multiple challenges in his federal constituency and Nigeria at large. He has contributed massively to the growth and development of Dekina/Bassa Federal Constituency, Kogi East, Kogi State and Nigeria in general, and he has made his impact much felt in several ways especially in the area of education, empowerment, health care delivery, job creation and tourism. He is well-focused, intelligent, amiable and dependable leader.
Chief Gowon has joined politics in order to contribute his widow mite in the transformation of human society. His life has epitomized the highest ideal of excellence, diligence and integrity, contributing immensely to the development of this country, Nigeria. He is an optimist and a firm believer in the doctrine that all things are possible through God, but that you have to work hard enough to attain them.
Hon. Gowon is a strong observer with a feeling heart, a man who is always genuinely moved by the plights of others, a personality rare to find nowadays. His patriotism and enthusiasm are never in doubt.
This write-up is sponsored by the United Progressive Political Parties (UPPP), which equally endorsed his candidacy in 2023 general elections for the House of Representatives and thank God he emerged victorious, today he is implementing his electoral promises to the admiration of the electorate of the area. All things been equal, and with God’s support, Hon. Paul Gowon Haruna will enjoy the same patronage in subsequent election, if not more. All members of the UPPP are proud with his progressive performance and we pray for God’s protection, provision and sound mind for him and his family to carry on.

Hon. Gabriel Ibrahim Itodo,
State Co-ordinator & National Officer of UPPP


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