Sen. Muhammed Sanni Musa’s Palliative borne out of genuine concern for constituents ***ignore lies that the items are expired

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Sen. Muhammed Sanni Musa’s Palliative borne out of genuine concern for constituents

***ignore lies that the items are expired

By Tom Olasunkanmi

It could be recalled that Distinguished Senator Mohammed Sanni Musa barely a week ago released palliatives to members of his constituency, the second time within one month and this time around, giving 9,990 households in the 90 wards in the constituency various food items which include bags of rice, vegetable oil, noodles, maize, detergents, salt and seasoning and tepresentatives from each of the local government areas at the event commended Musa’s efforts and urged other politicians and appointees in the Senatorial zone to emulate the “good gesture”.

It is therefore laughable to read in an online media platform that the Distinguished Senator’s good gesture was reported to have distributed expired items.

Senator Musa is aware of the plight of our people as a result of the lockdown and their inability to carry out their day-to-day business hence the decision to release the second phase of the palliative.

The Sahara Reporters are known before now for fake, unrooted and false stories and we are not so worried about their report but for the benefit of the general public we have decided to debunk their report as untrue and regarded as one of their usual ways of cheap blackmail.

The first sign of stupidity is inheriting other people’s enemy in your quest for political relevance. It is also very unfortunate that some young folks avail themselves to be used as social media thugs in this current dispensation.

Let it be known that the story making the rounds that Distinguish Senator Mohammed Sani Musa Distributed Expired palliatives is False and from the pit of hell. The distribution was done out of love and the compassion the senator has for his people, especially in respect to the Lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Nobody forced him to do so, so logically you should ask yourself why would he then give expired palliatives?

The young man who made the post on social media has an origin and history of hatred for Distinguish Senator Sani Musa, and equally an opposition hence the reason for his actions.

We hereby want the members of the public to disregard this post as it is FALSE and all a fabrication to tarnish the image of the People’s Senator. For the avoidance of doubt, video and photo evidence of some of the beneficiaries appreciating the kind gesture by the Senator are available.

Isn’t it surprising that out of all the 9 local Government areas that was visited, only shiroro local Government area/ubandoma ward complained about the palliatives and the said propaganda/ complain was from a staunch opposition and sworn enemy of Distinguish Senator Mohammed Sani Musa?

Senator Mohammed Sani Musa assures his constituents of good representation as ever and can not be discouraged by cheap propaganda.

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