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There have been voices all over the anal of kogi Central by those who believes in the quick response of his distinguished when things are not normal as regard covid-19 palliatives to widows,aged women and orphans and other related relieve items.

Also On the 28th of April,2019 SSA on Medical to his distinguished senator along with political advicer to his distinguished as well refers one Mrs Khadijah Muhammad who happen to have suffered of c-section delivery before now whose previous medical treatments was complicated brought to ease by his distinguished and the woman went through a new abdominal delivery through Dr. Suleiman of Amana Hospital while all the delivery fees was paid in cash by the distinguish senator Yakubu Oseni amount to two hundred and fifty thousand naira (N250,000.00).

Dr. Suleiman who handled the delivery section describe the operation as a complicated one if not the intervention of his distinguish upon receiving the news by his medical team to save the souls.He therefore commend Senator Oseni and to keep on his good deeds to the people of kogi central.

Mallam Muhammad who is the husband cannot hold his tears of joy for what his distinguish have done to his family and pray thus, on this great month of Ramadan I beseech Allah’s endless favor,Albarika,protection and guidance upon him and all his households,from Glory to Glory.Oyiza Oyiza poro.Amen.

Comr. Ibrahim Nuhu (Med.Lab.Sci.)
SSA on Medical to Senator Yakubu Oseni.

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