Special Ramadan Tribute on Alhaji Dr. Abdullateef Bello Babamba, Director, FCT Directorate of Traffic Service (DRTS), Abuja.

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In life, there are those who are born with great destiny, some achieve greatness and others have greatness thrust upon them.

Alhaji Abdullateef Babamba could be described as a man, in particular, a riveting tail of a man who defied the unbearable circumstance of life as it were. A courageous man that always keep faith with God and hope alive. An accomplished young man and a doting philanthropist, whose life has been one of the sacrifice, devotion to God Almighty, charity, and service to all strata of people and humanity.

Even from early age, this young man showed sign of what he was out to as a promising and a dynamic leader, always distinguished himself as a listening leader and a prodigious manager of men and resources.

Dr. Lateef Bello, is one of the men in our society today who writes their names in kindness and mercy in the heart of thousands that came in contact for assistance that can never be forgotten. The name and good deeds of such men always shine as stars of heavens. In addition to his unblemished services to the nation in the civil service, Dr. Leteef Bello, is one man who distinguished himself as great man who believes in doing well and leaving behind a moment of virtue and the storm of life that can never be destroyed. He is a man of saint and lead a personal life of interesting and enriching the vulnerables in the society.

Dr. Lateef Bello’s belief and commitment to the Almighty Allah, is legendary and his faith in Allah’s Providence, believes in the Quranic Injunction which stipulates that; “Nothing is given unto man except he receives it from Heaven”. This concept has conditioned his attitude in accepting any challenges before him. He has always been conscious of the wonderful hands of Almighty Allah in his life as well as his shortcomings as a human being and this has accounted for the manner he easily forgive and forget any wrong done to him.

Dr. Lateef Babamba, is much loved within and outside the shore of the civil service and his community. For over decades, he touches the lives of many across demographics with his unparalleled philanthropy. It will take the proverbial camel to pass the eye of the needle for his contemporaries to erase his numerous achievement in kindness.

Indeed, this goes to validate Johnson assertion that; “man are limited not by the place of circumstance of the colour of their skin but by the size of their dream and the content of their character”. This quotation aptly reffer to Dr. Bello lifestyle, a man of uncommon destiny, remarkable character and outstanding accomplishment.

Dr. Lateef Babamba, was born into a famous community and political household family of Alhaji Bello Babamba (of Blessed Memory), renowned benevolent philanthropist.

Dr. Lateef Babanba is happily married to Hajiya Abdullateef Bello Babamba; a woman of impeccable character; a woman of worth; a signified poise, who kindles the love and understanding needed by her husband to get positive results. The couple is blessed with awesome children.

Am writing this Special Ramadan Tribute on Alhaji Dr. Abdullateef Bello Babamba, from the true of my objective reasoning and based on my closet relationship with the family.

By: Idris Isah Itopa
Media Practitioner

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