The COVID-19 Case Infection: Matters Arising

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The COVID-19 Case Infection: Matters Arising
Our attention has been drawn to the series of discussions going on, on this Platform concerning Covid-19 index case in Kabba and the identity of the index case.
I wish to affirm, on behalf of Ejibunu family, that the Chief Imam of Kabba, Sheikh Ahmad Abubakar Ejibunu, was down with flu some few days back and he had to be hospitalised at the Specialist Hospital in Kabba. Further medical attention was sought at the Federal Medical Centre (FMC) in Lokoja as the flu did not abate after some days.
At the FMC, he was referred to the National Hospital in Abuja and the text conducted on him by the NCDC showed that he was Covid-19 positive.
The text conducted on one of his sons who had been with him since, came out negative.
The family would have come out to speak on the matter, but we were not comfortable with the ding dong game going on between the NCDC and the Kogi State government.
The family is concerned about the well being of other Owes and we wish to confirm that Covid-19 has fond its way sadly to our community and the State. Therefore, no need for Kogi State government to deny the obvious. We would like to stress that the Chief Imam, of recent, had never ventured outside Kogi State by way of travelling outside the State. So, the ‘virus’ could have been contacted within.
We wish to advise our people to please abide by the protocols emplaced by the NCDC and play safe.
The family is cooperating with the Kogi State Government and the NCDC to stem the spread. This evening, contact tracing and testing of family members of the Chief Imam had began.
What we need from our people is empathy and no need for the acrimonious exchange of views and counter views.
May God save Oweland and her people in particular and the state in general.
Chief Tai Ejibunu (Obatebise of Oweland)
For: Ejibunu Family

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