THE GAINS OF EASTER By Pastor Omale Wisdom Abah

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The greatest reality of all times is that Jesus is no more in the grave! He rose, interacted with many and later ascended to heaven in the midst of many witnesses. The testimony of the infallible word of God is dependable on this eternal truth that Jesus is risen. The grave could not hold him back!

Why is Easter so important ? It’s for its significance to the destiny of mankind. The death of Jesus is a means to an end: He died to rise up to life that He might give life to the sons and daughters of men.

Come along on this voyage into the essence of Easter – the celebration of the resurrection of Christ from the dead

The foremost benefit of the resurrection of Christ is that the scriptures are fulfilled. It had been prophesied that Christ must be raised back to life. ( Act 2:31).

Next, the resurrection of Jesus is the only basis for the new life (Zoe) of God which we have as Christians. If Christ had not risen, eternal life would have been impossible and the Christian faith would have crashed out . ( Rom. 6:4).

Further more, Christ’s resurrection is the guarantee for victory over death for every believer in Christ . As a Christian you have been freed from the curse of premature death. You are only permitted to sleep and rest from your labour when you are done. Death is not permitted to cut you short. ( Heb. 2:15).

Moreso, Jesus’ death and resurrection destroyed Satan and all Satan’s works: sickness, barrenness, curses, poverty in the life of every believer in Christ . You can exercise authority over every negative circumstances of life if you believe that Christ died and rose on your behalf. (Heb. 2:14).

Finally, the resurrection of Christ from the dead is one thing that proves that he is the only way to God . (John14:6). Other religious prophets died and never rose; only Jesus did. That’s why He sent forth His disciples to go and witness His resurrection to the world.

In conclusion, Easter is not meant to be a mere annual religious festival, it’s designed to present us with a reminder of the great work of salvation, deliverance and victory which God has wrought for mankind. Would you invest your faith and be a beneficiary of all these benefits of the resurrection of Christ?

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