We are Covid 19 free because Kogi is highly experienced in handling infectious diseases -Gov Bello

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The Kogi state Governor Alhaji Yahaya Bello on Thursday ordered the delegation of the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) who are in the state to ascertain the
true status of Kogi as a covid-19 free state to be quarantine for 14 days at the state’s isolation centre before they can take sample of any person for test.

The governor said that the step was to ensure that the laid down procedure of checkmating the scourge by NCDC and the World Health Organisation are strictly adhere to.

According to him “NCDC quarantined the Chinese professionals that came to give them technical support and also took their samples for test. It is a normal practice and protocol set by NCDC” governor Bello added.

Speaking shortly after receiving the letter from the leader of the delegation Dr Matthew Noah , titled “Deployment of rapid response squad to help in fighting Covid-19,” the governor outlined steps taken so far by the state to fight the covid-19 pandemic.

He said that the state is highly experienced in fighting infectious diseases such as Lassa fever, malaria and yellow fever, stressing that the experience have been brought to bear on fighting Covid-19.

“So far Kogi state has had 100 per cent recovery rate of all infectious diseases since 2017 owing to measures put in place by the squadron committee set up to fight the disease.

“Inspite of the widespread death all over the world, we in Kogi has had no confirmed case even though there are many false alarm which turned out to be lies, we have put all it takes in place to check any eventuality.

“Kogi state is highly experienced in treating infectious diseases because of high lassa fever incident, that is why we are able to combat covid-19.

“We have been able to sensitised our people on all languages spoken in the state. All the 239 wards have been sensitised by two health workers deployed and three modern isolation centre have been set up which are currently lying idle and we prayed that no body will be taken to the centre till the pandermic leave this country” he said.

The State Governor, thanked President Muhammadu Buhari and the Presidential Task Force for rising to the occasion, saying the world must unite to defeat the virus.

Earlier the team led by Dr Noah Andrew said that the mission of the centre was to provide logistics to all states of the Federation including Kogi State.

He said that two members of the team would be left behind to help the state and support her efforts of the state government already in place.

“we are here to support the state in shipping swab and samples and ascertian the preparedness of the state in fighting Covid-19.

He urged Government and people to observe social distancing and use face mask at all times as part of the measures to fight the scourge.

But shortly after the courtesy call, the delegation flee the state around 9:45 pm to avoid being subjected to COVID-19 test.

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