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The Okun Development Association (ODA) is the apex organization that is legally charged with the responsibility of representing and speaking for the interests of the Okun people all over the world. However, one may quickly ask, how much of this very important organisation does an average Okun people know ? Do Okun people over the years sees ODA National Executive Council as truly representing and standing for them and their interests when they appear to being shotchanged in the political, economic, and infrastructure distribution of Kogi state and Nigeria ?

Time has come for a wholistic revamping and reforming of the day-to-day functions and activities of ODA NEC to make it more people-friendly and inclusive. The association must take strides to ensure that all Okun people feels a sense of belonging, ownership and connection to ODA, regardless of where they are in the world.

The new NEC of ODA under the leadership of the very well tested and trusted erudite diplomat, Ambassador (Chief) Rotimi Akenson, the Lisa of Egbeland must urgently embark on a comprehensive restructuring of its internal processes and structures to ensure that it is operating efficiently and effectively. This may involve streamlining decision-making processes, improving communication channels, and enhancing transparency and accountability within the organization. The NEC itself must speak with one voice

By reforming and reorganizing its operations, ODA can better serve the interests and needs of the Okunland through the injection of a deeper and sincere spirit of love, unity of purpose, onness and togetherness. It is of a high probability if the new NEC of did not inherit an unwieldy platform, lacking intensely in internal cohesion and understanding they need to build on.

The new National Executive Council must immediately prioritize embracing a people-centered approach in all its activities and initiatives. This means actively engaging with Okun people towards understanding their concerns, aspirations, and priorities. By listening to the voices of the people, ODA should henceforth tailor its programs and services to better meet their needs and preferences.

Going forward also, ODA must take proactive steps to foster a sense of belonging and ownership among Okun people all over the world to bring back the pride and self worth confidence among their ranks. This could involve organizing community events, cultural workshops, and networking opportunities to bring people together and strengthen their connection to ODA. By creating a sense of community and solidarity, ODA can inspire greater engagement and participation from Okun people.

ODA NEC must ramp up its efforts in public awareness and sensitization campaigns to raise awareness about the association’s work, it’s day to day activities and its impact on the Okun community. By leveraging traditional and digital media platforms, ODA can reach a wider audience and educate Okun people about the benefits of getting involved in the association’s activities.

Okun Development Association should invest in capacity-building initiatives to empower Okun people with the skills and knowledge needed to actively contribute to the development of their community. This could involve offering training programs, mentorship opportunities, and educational resources to help individuals become more effective advocates for Okun interests.

ODA must as a matter of urgency prioritize inclusivity and diversity in its programs and initiatives to ensure that all Okun people, regardless of their background or circumstances, have equal access to its services and resources.

By promoting inclusivity, ODA can create a more welcoming and supportive environment for Okun people to thrive and succeed.

The urgent need to rejig, reform, and inject new life into the day-to-day functions and activities of ODA is crucial NOW for the organization to remain relevant and effective in serving the needs of the Okun Nation and her people

Steps should be taken by the new BEC to make ODA more people-friendly and inclusive, the association must strengthen its impact and empower Okun people to take ownership of their development.

Let Okun people all over the world see themselves as part of ODA and work together to build a brighter future for the Association and Okunland.

Musa Bakare writes from Lokoja, Kogi State capital

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