Mopamuro Lawmaker lauds Workers on Workers Day; recognizing them as the Bedrock of Democracy

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In commemoration of Workers’ Day, Hon. Sam Olawumi Jacob, Member representing Mopamuro State Constituency, KGHA extends heartfelt felicitations to the diligent workers across Kogi State and most especially his cherished Constituency, Mopamuro. He articulated profound appreciation for their unwavering dedication to advancing both local development initiatives and the broader national agenda.

In his laudatory address, Hon. Olawumi underscores the indispensable role of workers in the tapestry of democracy, emphasizing their contributions in propelling societal progress and ensuring the equitable dissemination of democratic dividends. He further extols their tireless efforts as the bedrock upon which the edifice of nation-building stands, recognizing their resilience amidst challenges and their steadfast commitment to excellence.

“Indeed, the fabric of democracy is interwoven with the collective endeavors of workers whose ingenuity and perseverance serve as catalysts for transformative change,” he emphasized. “From the bustling metropolises to the tranquil hamlets of Mopamuro, their toil and dedication resonate as a testament to the enduring spirit of service and selflessness,” he added.

As we reflect on this auspicious occasion, Hon. Sam Olawumi Jacob reiterates his unwavering support for the welfare and empowerment of workers, pledging to champion policies and initiatives that foster their well-being and prosperity. He avows his steadfast commitment to collaborative endeavors aimed at nurturing an inclusive and equitable society, where the aspirations of every worker find fulfillment and recognition.

Conclusively, I extend my warmest wishes to all workers, urging them to continue their noble pursuit with unwavering resolve and boundless optimism. For it is through their indomitable spirit and dedication that the tapestry of democracy is enriched, and the promise of a brighter tomorrow is realized, he remarked.

*Media Team*
*1st May, 2024.*

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