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Hon. Prince Hilarioncollins Attai Musa (FIMC, CNA CMC ACCrFA) has expressed deep appreciation to  His Excellency, Alh. Ahmed Usman Ododo, the Executive Governor of Kogi State for his peace visit to Omala LGA, describing it as a demonstration of love for lives and  proactiveness in governance.

The Governor and his entourage particularly visited villages in  Odo and Bagana districts,  both in the northern part of Omala LGA ( Udaba)  where he consoled the people, especially families remotely and immediately affected by the unrest in those areas, made donations and gave palliatives.

Prince Collins Musa described Alh Usman Ododo, the Executive Governor as a leader who thinks and talks about solutions and not one who further compounds problems. The former lawmaker said:

     “ Leadership is not just about being in charge but about taking care of those in your charge. This is what the Governor has shown by his visit. I am most delighted too,  that His Excellency has chosen an objective approach to resolve the security challenges that have ravaged lives and properties. This is evidence of his genuine desire to ensure peaceful co-existence in our land just as he has been doing in other parts of the state. I think this marks a sound warning that violence of any kind will not go unpunished irrespective of who is involved.”

Prince Collins also thanked Ododo who in his wisdom identified other areas of the people’s needs which he promised that his government would swiftly intervene. He then called on Omala sons and daughters both at home and in the diaspora to support the Government of the day in its quest for peace and development.

Report by Samuel Achegbulu

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