KUIMCA Pioneer Director General Hails Governor Ododo’s “Remarkable” First 100 Days

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The Pioneer Director General of Kogi State Utility Infrastructure Management and Compliance Agency (KUIMCA), Prince Abdulqadir Suleiman, has praised Governor Usman Ahmed Ododo’s first 100 days in office as “remarkable” and a beacon of hope for the state’s development.

In a congratulatory message to the press, Prince Abdulqadir noted that Governor Ododo’s short time in office has been marked by purposeful and humane governance, treating the diverse people and cultures of the state as family members and showing compassion towards the suffering masses. He expressed enthusiasm that the new administration holds promise for a more peaceful and prosperous Kogi State under leadership that is “honest, humane, and ethical as possible.”

Prince Abdulqadir stated, “Any government that prioritizes a united society and values people and humanity above all interests tends to have the most developed societies, happiest, patriotic, and productive citizens. This is what Governor Ododo’s records have shown us within just 100 days in office. I’m grateful that every step he has taken is reassuring and predictably positive in all directions. These first 100 days demonstrate that the rest of the tenure will be a journey towards greater development of our dear state, across all strata of the economy.”

He congratulated Governor Ododo, members of his cabinet, and the people of Kogi State on the birth of a new, purposeful, and humane government. Prince Abdulqadir highlighted the governor’s accomplishments during the period, including his good listening ear, responsible and responsive leadership, prompt response to agitation for improved Local Government staff welfare and salaries, full payment of pensions, strengthening of the state’s security network, renewed focus on rural infrastructure, education, youth, women empowerment, and the general well-being of the people.

He called for continued support from the people to enable the governor to continue his developmental strides towards a successful and rewarding tenure for all.

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