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One of the hallmark of journalism or journalist in any reputable and responsible media organization is “Objectivity”. It is the duty of journalist and media organizations to publish or broadcast unbiased information devoid of slanted opinion. Journalists are expected to balance their stories and provides equal access to all parties to address issues before the public.

Though media serves as watchdog in the society and constitutionally empowered to hold public officers accountable, this does not qualify them to be partisan or picked up the role of an opposition political parties.

Surprisingly, it appears some media outlets have since deviated from the main ethics of the noble profession as seen in one of the upcoming television station “Arise tv” when it acted unprofessionally and irresponsibly as media crew in one of their flagship program “THE MORNING SHOW” deliberately twisted facts and dished out hateful information to make mockery of the widely applauded achievements of Gov. Usman Ododo 100 days in office.

The media panel laboured unsuccessfully to rubbish the released achievements of the government of Kogi State under the leadership of Alh. Usman Ahmed Ododo in 100 days as the Executive Governor of Kogi State. The obvious biased opinion of the crew members unveiled a hidden agenda sponsored by opposition elements in the state. Arise tv in what seems like an expression of hatred distorted information and attempted to incite the people of Nigeria and kogites in particular against the governor and the government of Kogi state.

For the records, Alh. Usman Ododo campaigned on two main agenda of “Continuation & Consolidation” of projects, programs and policies of his predecessor, Alh. Yahaya Bello. Gov. Ododo upon resumption of office met all ongoing infrastructural projects at 40% completion. The governor didn’t abandoned the ongoing projects rather ensure continuity and timely completion.

Today, all Infrastruastructural projects in the state are now at 75% completion. The state health insurance scheme for the civil servants initiated by the past administration have been completed and lunched by Gov. Ododo within his first 100 days in office.

On security, Gov. Ododo upon assumption of office took steps to rally round major stakeholders and top echelon in the nation security hierarchy including National Security Adviser (NSA) Nuhu Ribadu to present the state’s impressive score cards on security in the last 8years and the new approach to sustain and build on the legacy by soliciting for the support of relevant stakeholders and placing before them his new approach and ideas to achieve the desired results. If security of life and property is the number one duty of government, then how can a responsible and reputable media house will attempt to cast aspersion on commendable action of the governor in an unprofessional manner.

The governor requested and successfully secured the support of Mr President to root out criminals from the state via his meeting with National Security Adviser (NSA). Part of the new security agenda of Ododo’s administration led to the procurement of over 104 operational vehicles for the local security outfit (Vigilantes), provides logistics and moral supports to other conventional security agencies in the state. This indeed have enhanced their various security operations in the last 100 days. Then we wonder if these efforts doesn’t constitute an achievement before a biased media crew of Arise tv what else would have.

The clearing of 8,000 hectares of land for the new farming season by the new administration was a response to the governor’s impressive agricultural developmental agenda. This is coming at a time the nation urgently needs to increase her food production capacity, crash the hike in food items and ease the sufferings of Nigerians with support from the Federal Government of Nigeria and other international development partners.

Kogi along with 3 other states from the north were selected to benefits from some specific agricultural programs of the federal government. This rare opportunity and achievement was sequel to the meeting between the governor and the Minister of Agriculture, Abubakar Kyari.

These set of compromised journalists working with Arise tv were visibly very sad and showcases failed efforts to incite the people of Kogi state against the state lawmakers and cast aspersion on them in a way that portray them of being lacking in their oversight functions to check-mate the governor. While I sympathized with these set of biased journalists from Arise tv for poorly executing the evil agenda of opposition elements in the state, I made bold to advice the broadcasting station to desist forthwith from such a frutile adventure in order to maintain the noble qualities of the journalism profession.

They need to be enlightened that distinguish members of Kogi State House House of Assembly cannot oppose to the governor’s genuine steps to diligently implement the state’s “Economic Development Roadmap Agenda” which they passionately perused, made contributions and passed into law with the former governor, Alh. Yahaya Bello. Perhaps they’re also disappointed that the state lawmakers are not in conflict of interest with the executive as witnessed recently in some states.

Finally, I condemn in strong terms the unprofessional conduct of the station’s presenters of “THE MORNING SHOW” program on 9th May, 2024, dissemination of hateful information against the governor of Kogi state Alh. Ahmed Ododo and deliberately misrepresentation of facts in a way to ridicule the governor and make caricature of his explicit achievements in office using Arise tv broadcasting station.

Hon. Zakari Yusuf (Nescafe) is a member of Kogi State House Assembly (8th Assembly) representing Okene II Constituency.

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