KGIRS Trains Corporate Unit Staff, Tasks to Create new content to generate more revenue in Kogi-

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The Publisher of the Nigeria Post newspaper Mike Abu has charged employees of Kogi State Internal Revenue Service, (KGIRS) to come up with new content that will generate more revenue in the State.

Abu gave the charge on Tuesday at a one day training for the
Corperate Communication unit of KGIRS.

He maintained that, the unit has an important role to play in improving the revenue generation of the State Government, stressing that, they represent the good image of the organization.

According to him, Lagos State has been known to be the business hub of Africa for generating billions of naira from taxes which is effectively utilize on the people.

“Lagos State Government is generating billions of naira from taxes. They used the media to achieve this. So, it is important for the cooperate communication unit of KGIRS to join the ladder of modern trend which will convince the people to pay their taxes with any resistance” he stated.

He re-emphasized the need for fact checking of news content by the unit, stressing that, they should serve as influencers in a bid to get to their target audience.

He, however, commended the Chairman of Kogi State internal revenue service Sule Salihu Enehe for his transparency and accountability in the agency, adding that, under his watch, loop holes have been blocked.

“There was a time here in Kogi State that the revenue generation was very poor. When the new direction government came on board, alot of things changed. There is now increase in the revenue generation of Kogi State. Under the leadership of Enehe, those milking the State of it hard earned money from tax have been removed.

“Loop holes have been blocked and we could all see the transparency and accountability under the current Chairman. This is want we want if we want Kogi State to surpass Lagos and other State in the Country”.

In his paper presentation on “Specialized reporting on tax, the editor of the Graphic newspaper James Oyewole said payment of tax in advanced comes with little or no stress.

He maintained that in Nigeria, their is need for more persuasion by the unit in view of convincing the Citizens to pay their tax for meaningful development in Kogi State.

” Our people needs to be repeatedly persuaded for them to pay their taxes. There are some people who don’t know the importance of paying tax. When you persuade them using various medium either such as radio, television, newspaper, social media and many more, the revenue generation in the State will really improve”.


He charged the unit to stand out as information managers, adding that, they should convey their message clearly, realistically and unbiased.

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