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Birthdays are common annual occasions that people celebrate with fanfare, with relatives, friends, and well-wishers in attendance.

On such occasions testimonies are given, God and mentors or benevolent are appreciated, prayers are offered, drinks, food, and gifts are freely shared with background music to shake the body.

As our own General, Ojogbane Adegbe, observes his, he is usually joined by many personalities and dignitaries to celebrate him, not just because of food or drink (though in large supplies), but because he has unprecedentedly impacted lives and continues to do so without being discouraged or dissuaded.

His marks are everywhere to see and feel; not in the sense to emulate anyone, but because on his own, and perhaps by divine revelation and guidance, he volunteered “to clear our nyamanyama” and give us comfort. On this important occasion of May 2024, I joined my siblings and friends to wish him excellence in life and equally thank and praise him for all that God is using him to do for us and our community.

One such indelible is Elder Daniel A. Agada Science Laboratory at Emodu Community Secondary School, Ofabo, which by every standard and according to WAEC Inspectors is one of the best in Kogi State.

Late Elder Daniel A. Agada WO2, a retired Army Officer and an ordained Elder of the UEC denomination, Ema-onyi family, Anaga clan of Emodu Ofabo is the father of Brigadier General Ojogbane Adegbe.

Historically, according to Mr I B Ameh and corroborated by Uncle Joseph Olaika Okwoli (in private chats), when Emodu patriots through EDA conceived the idea to establish ECSS, Ofabo in 1978, their intention was to have a grammar school that would cater to the educational needs of the people of Ogugu Ojoko and others of Ofabo region which would produce graduands in the Sciences and the Arts.

Our patriots, including among others Messrs I B Ameh, Ohiemi J O, Michael Idoko, Mary Ahmed, Benjamin Oguche Omale Manager, Samuel Otuwe Akoh, James Okpe, Madam Jenebu Agada, Ohiemi J. Oja Egoro, Aaron Okwoli, John Idoko, Joseph O Okwoli, Marshal Agbo, and Nathaniel U. Abah who was the confidential secretary to the then Commissioner of Education in Benue State collaborated in many ways to get the government’s approval for the establishment and grant aiding of the school.

The school was established in 1978 and grant-aided (taken over by the government) in 1984.
Progressively, the school was given WAEC approval to start GCE O’Level Examinations in the Arts in 1983.

Then, some students who had an interest in the sciences went to other centers. In 1985 and 1986 the school registered her science students block at Community Secondary School, Ejule. However, in 1987, the school was craftily lucky to register all her set 5 students in both Arts and Sciences but was deprived in the sciences in 1988, 1989, 1990, and 1991 because of a lack of science laboratory, equipment, and qualified teachers. A more challenging situation arose in 1992 and 1993 as the school was totally denied WAEC center. Consequently, the school registered her students at Onicha Igo and Adumu schools, contemporaries of Ofabo school.

Our patriots then, saw that as an insult and embarrassment to them and the entire Emodu. They pooled their resources together and took up the challenge, and their pragmatic efforts yielded positive results as the WAEC Centre was returned in 1994, excluding Physics and Chemistry for some years. The EDA National, Emodu sons and daughters with executive support from Hon Shem Isaiah Idoko, then the Ofu Local Government Council Chairman, and their friends raise funds for the rehabilitation and equipping of the existing science laboratory. That was however insufficient and adjudged substandard by the “Almighty WAEC”.

God on His throne heard our cry and plea and elevated our son, Brig Gen Ojogbane, then a Lt Col to become the ADC to President Goodluck Jonathan, who saw our general and collective need or challenge and promptly came to rescue the school. He didn’t wait for emissaries from the Emodu/Ofabo community.

Between 2011 and 2015, my bros, Gen Ojogbane provided the school with three sets of student seats and lockers of about 450 pieces and built and equipped a standard and modern science laboratory for the school, which he named after his late father, Elder Daniel A. Agada, a gentle and selfless man in military uniform.

The school consequently got approval from WAEC and NECO to present her students in all subjects for SSC Examinations. Since then the school has been producing excellent graduands in all subjects, fulfilling the dreams of our heroes past.

Who else could have done this? My bros, you are leading a life of positive correlation to your name–Onu Ogwu Ojo gbane Ada Egbe which means a military general sustained by God to clear rubbish. Gen. Ojogbane, you have written your name in gold. You are making your siblings happy, comfortable, and proud. You are giving us jobs, positions, good health, peace, accommodation, palliatives/items, infrastructure, etc. We pray that God will take you to the highest peak of your career. As you alleviate our challenges, God shall continue to elevate you, sir.

We enjoin all descendants of Odu Ogidiga to emulate your good works. Emodu Community Secondary School, Ofabo is in dire need of teachers, a modern administrative block, a library, staff quarters, sports facilities, and rehabilitation of old structures that are now bad. In doing this, many persons/parents could be immortalized. Emodu anyo chuuu!

(Friday Isah Ekpa, Ofabo, 08076700037).

Published by Abah Benjamin Eneojoh Treasure.

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