Children’s Day: RECAN Seeks Support For Full Implementation of Child Right Law In Kogi

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A civil society organization, Rehoboth Community Advancement Initiative (RECAN), has urged stakeholders’ to mobilise support for the full implementation of the 2009 Kogi State Child Right Law in the state.

The Executive Director of RECAN, Nathaniel Abaniwo, made the call on Monday at the sidelines of the activities to celebrate the 2024 Children Day, with the theme: “For Every Child, Every Right”.

Abaniwo, a Child Right Advocate, said the theme encapsulated the essence of their commitment as an organisation to ensuring that every child, regardless of their background or circumstances, is entitled to their inherent rights and deserves to live a life full of dignity, opportunity, and hope.

Abaniwo stressed the need for moral imperative and collective responsibilities to protect and uphold the rights of every child, as they remained the future stewards of the world.

“As we celebrate today, let us remind ourselves, bear in mind and put into perspective the fundamental rights that every child is entitled to as enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and part IV of the amended 1999 Nigeria Constitution which confers to every child.

“Right to life, dignity of human person, personal liberty, fair hearing, private and family life, freedom of thought, conscience and religion, and right to freedom of expression.

“Others are right to peaceful assembly and association, freedom of movement, and freedom from discrimination, among others.

“In the year ahead we will be exploring the challenges that children face in realizing these rights and the critical role each of us will play to ensure that every child’s voice is heard, their needs are met, and their potential is nurtured,” Abaniwo said.

He noted that the collective efforts as an organization over the years to ensure the full implementation of the Kogi State Child Right Law, 2009, has started yielding positive results.

“Today, Kogi State Government as earmarked the sum of N18,000,000 Naira in 2024 budget for the implementation of the Kogi state Child Right Law.

“Designated a facility to serve as correctional facility for children in conflict with the law and operationalized the Family Court Practice Direction and Rules, 2023 among many others.

“Our advocacy intervention build around inauguration of the moribund Kogi State Child Right Implementation Committee (SCRIC) have also received the approval of the Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice whereby appointment letters have been sent to all the members of the committee to be inaugurated.

“Interestingly, the committee when inaugurated will work towards delivering the following policy ask for the benefit of our children:

“Build popular support of key stakeholders for the implementation of the Child Rights Law in Kogi State.

“Build capacity of key personnel for implementation of the Child Rights Law in Kogi State.

“Advocate for the establishment of more family courts at both High Court and Magisterial levels in Kogi State. Facilitate the building of a functional juvenile home in Kogi State.

“Advocate for release of funds to renovate and put to use facility designated for Safe space for children in conflict with the law or in need of protection in Kogi State.

“Advocate for the release of budgeted funds for the implementation of the Child Rights Law in Kogi State.

“Our unwavering determination and commitment to see to the well-being of children across the State can never be over emphasized,” he said.

He commended the commitment and effort of Gov. Ahmed Usman Ododo’s administration through the shared determination of the Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice and the Honorable Commissioner of Women Affairs and Social Development to inaugurate SCRIC.

According to him, these commitments when fully harness can create a world where every child thrives, where their rights are respected, and where they are empowered to become the architects of a brighter tomorrow.

He added: “Join me on this journey as we advocate for “For Every Child, Every Right,” and strive to make a lasting impact in the lives of children around the world.

“Together, let us champion the cause of children’s rights and pave the way for a more inclusive, equitable, and compassionate society.

“I urge us to get more acquainted with the 2009 Kogi State Child Right Law so as to support the full implementation of the provisions of the Law”.


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