Group tasks Middlebelt stakeholders to prioritize transparency, accountability

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A group Middlebelt Movement for Restoration and Development, has tasked Stakeholders in the middlebelt region of the Country to
prioritize transparency, accountability, and respect for democratic principles in all electoral processes.

The Middlebelt Movement for Restoration and Development made the call on Tuesday in statement jointly signed by Chairman board of Trustees, Chief Peter Ameh Yakubu, National Coordinator, Abah Eleigwu Lewis, National Secretary,v Bulus Manzo, Directorate of youth services, Abubakar Ibrahim Idoko and the Director of Publicity, Emmanuel Idakwo respectively.

The statement titled “disagreement and rebuttal of the incorrect criticisms of some groups in middle Belt against Peter Obi regarding the South Africa election” argued that Peter Obi’s leadership in rejuvenating Nigeria’s foreign roles within Africa is a testament to his vision, diplomacy, and unwavering dedication to advancing Nigeria’s global standing.

The statement reads in part “We are deeply concerned by the recent imposition of a gag order on the presidential candidate of the Labour Party by some pressure groups in the Middle Belt Pan Nigeria Forum. This directive restricts the candidate from making any statements regarding the 2023 presidential election.

“The election, widely recognized as plagued by irregularities, particularly in the transmission of results from polling units to the IREV, has raised serious concerns about the integrity of the electoral processes.

“The mandate of INEC to ensure that Nigerian citizens’ votes are accurately counted and reflected in the final results has come under scrutiny with reports suggesting discrepancies between votes cast and the results announced. The disenchantment felt by the electorate due to these irregularities undermines the democratic principles upheld by our nation.

“It is imperative that measures are taken to address these concerns and uphold the credibility of the electoral process. Restricting candidates from speaking out on such issues only serves to stifle transparency and hinder the path towards a fair and just election outcome.

“The European Union Report on the presidential election stands as a comprehensive analysis and critique, serving as a paradigm for electoral processes worldwide.

“The evident shortcomings revealed during the election proceedings have cast a shadow of doubt over the integrity of our electoral system. Regrettably, the lack of transparency and accountability exhibited by the electoral management body has only fueled skepticism and disillusionment among the populace.

“Despite the Supreme Court’s affirmation of the Election Tribunal’s decision, it does not negate the glaring irregularities that marred the electoral process. The absence of a plausible explanation for the technical glitches further compounds the skepticism surrounding the election outcome.

” The notion that the Supreme Court’s ruling was a foregone conclusion raises questions about the independence and impartiality of our judicial system. The history of Nigerian presidential elections has been marred by allegations of irregularities and malfeasance, yet seldom have such grievances resulted in a reversal of outcomes. The need for electoral reform and adherence to democratic principles has never been more pressing in ensuring the credibility and legitimacy of our electoral processes.

“Indeed, Mr. Peter Obi’s efforts in reviving Nigeria’s leadership roles in the foreign affairs arena, particularly within the African continent, deserve admiration, recognition and commendation. In a time where Nigeria’s status as the “Giant of Africa” seemed to be waning, Peter Obi’s strategic initiatives and diplomatic engagements have contributed significantly to reviving Nigeria’s influence and prominence on the African stage.

“Through his actions, Peter Obi has not only sought to strengthen Nigeria’s relationships with other African nations but has also worked towards fostering greater unity and cooperation among African countries. By reinvigorating Nigeria’s foreign relations, Peter Obi has played a crucial role in reshaping Nigeria’s image and reasserting its leadership position within the African community”.

According to the statement, Peter Obi’s dedication to advancing Nigeria’s interests and promoting regional stability and development is commendable.


“His commitment to upholding Nigeria’s values and principles while engaging with other African nations has not gone unnoticed, and serves as an inspiring example for other Nigerian leaders to follow”the statement added.

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