FTHL Celebrates ‘Blood Donor Day’, Sensitises Citizens On Blood Donation Benefits

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The Federal Teaching Hospital Lokoja (FTHL), has enlightened Nigerians on the profound impact of blood donation on both patients and donors, to mark the 20th anniversary of “World Blood Donor Day (WBDD)” 2024.

The enlightenment was carried out by House Officers Forum in collaboration with the Department of Haematology, FTHL, to commemorate the WBDD 2024, tagged: “20 Years of Celebrating Giving: Thank You Blood Donors!“.

Speaking at the event, Dr Ugochukwu Anyanwu, the Head of Department of Haematology and Blood Transfusion, FTHL, said the 2024 WBDD highlighted the profound impact of blood donation on both patients and donors.

Anyanwu noted that the maiden WBDD was celebrated on June 14, 2004, saying “the 2024 celebration holds special significance as it marks its 20th anniversary.

“The 2024 WBDD offers us opportunity to thank blood donors across the world for their life-saving donations over the years and honour the profound impact on both patients and donors.

“It is also a timely moment to address continued challenges, and accelerate progress towards a future where safe blood transfusion is universally accessible, he said.

He stressed the need to raise awareness for people to voluntarily donate blood without being paid, but filled happy to save lives as well as other inherent benefits of blood donation to donors.

Anyanwu emphasised the continuous need for regular, unpaid blood donation to achieve universal access to safe blood transfusion.

“Although it’s well known that donating blood benefits the recipient, most people don’t know that it also benefits the donor.

“Regular blood donation reduces the risk of heart attack, balances iron levels, reveals potential health issues as well as lowering the risk of cancer,” Anyanwu said.

He, therefore implored the general public to promote a culture of regular blood donation and increase the diversity and sustainability of the blood donor pool.

Anyanwu expressed gratitude to the management of FTHL led by Dr Olatunde Alabi, for supporting the awareness campaign and promoting blood donation to save lives.

In her lecture, titled, “Demystifying Blood Donation”, Dr Elizabeth Ogu, a Medical officer in Haemotological Department of FTHL, said voluntary blood donation remained a noble act with self gratification that keep community alive.

Ogu explained that donating blood at least once a year could help improve blood flow, increase active stem cells, reduce arterial blockages and risk of having haematological malignant.

She explained that persons from age 17 to 65 years could donate blood, adding that an adult male should have four to five litres of blood in his body, while female should have three to four litres.

She noted that an individual could donate blood on average of three times a year, stressing that blood donation was not a harmful procedure.

On their part, Dr Kenneth Nwafor, House Officer’s Rep. ; and Dr Chizaram Onubogu, Asst. House Officer Rep., FTHL, who both donated blood, emphasised that increased voluntary blood donation would reduce mortality and morbidity rate caused by blood shortage.

The highlight of the occasion was the voluntary blood donations by members of management and staff of the hospital as well as other residents of Kogi.


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