Governor Ododo will succeed.

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Governor Ododo will succeed.

By: Olanrewaju Gbenga ( OGL )

The Executive Governor of Kogi State, His Excellency, Alhaji Usman Ahmed Ododo has proved capability in his administration that he is ready to lift the confluence state greater.

The recent happenings in kogi State is another testament that Ododo will make a better and good governance for posterity sake, i want to believe that he been part of the system before now actually formed part of his leverage point to work and work for delivery which is in action now.

Let me hide under this medium to encourage us all in the state to support, galvanized and pray for his tenure to be a successful one as things is unfolding currently.

His management team at the cabinet is another point to look up to, if they succeed in their various portfolio/office then kogi State has succeed, their passion/commitment at hand is highly appreciated and commendable, if Ododo succeed it’s a jointly own results for them.

For instance, kogi State educational sector is wearing new looks been administered by a performer Hon. Wemi Jones recently, our academic standard across the state’s higher institution is a cleared testimony that is very encouraging, in reality we can do better than the current and i trust the handler who listing and act on every advise, ideas tabled to him. Just like i do say that ” the results for good results is more work and this shows in the personality of Hon. WEMI JONES

On agriculture, recently the governor flags of various agric scheme in Ajaokuta and other part of the state, in Nigeria of today any government that didn’t prioritize agriculture is not a serious one, Governor Ododo’s recent concerned and focus in this sector through his Commissioner for agric indicated great readiness of his led Administration in the state.

The State’s transportation sector is another cardinal point manned by a very serious mind to perform in person of my brother and friend Atuluku Victor Levi who has succeeded in various template to re-organize that ministry for excellent.

The ministry of finance, budget & economy planing is headed by an internationally acknowledge financial expert who also champion the economic development of the State, Idris Asiru has proved again recently that the state’s works welfare is on top of the head of this administration detailed on prompt payment of kogi workers renumeration and other benefits, but i want more to be done to surpassed the current most expecially for the local government staffers.

On our ecological & environmental control in the state, this office has another beautiful driver of the person of Engr Joseph Olusegun who is a fast mover on the performance lane, his many visit to the FG’s ecological office in Abuja with the enabling environment provided by the state’s Chief driver of MR SALARY is a point proved to succeed, Engr Joseph has signed many MoU with the world Bank, International Monetory Fund and other internationally donor on ecology for the State government which is unfolding now.

The state’s ministry of information, communication & strategy is led by another veteran jurnalist, an acknowledge communication expect who has dual deep hand in both print and visual communication, he is a communication strategist with high followership on the image and the happenings in the state. Kingsley Femi Fanwo has placed kogi on the watch on his numerous educative & informative media outing for the government of kogi state on facts, true story, situations of this administration.

Our justice system office is headed by a recognized legal luminary, a senior advocate of Nigeria with shape knowledge, Abdullahi is an ambassador of legal and justice interpretation that has placed kogi State at the state’s Exco best any government could asked for.

No doubt, even the newly created ministries are moving with speed as if it has been in existence for long, The likes of special duties ministry under the good manager of Sunday Faleke has demostrated seriously that he is up to the task of performance, The innovation office has of the best hand in innovative management known globally.

With all this capable men and women of substance to manage these various office is a loud saying that Governor Ododo mean well for the state, like the general saying ” if you assemble good and result-oriented minds to run with you; success and results is inevitable ” and that’s the case of the current kogi Governor in which i saw cloud of success on his table with all these loudable recent move if sustained.

Pray for Governor Ododo to succeed.

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