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I would like to extend my hearty greetings and sincere congratulations to you on the recent success of the 2024 Ekinrin-Adde Day celebration. Your constant and unwavering efforts, tireless and steadfast dedication to the progress of Ekinrin-Adde have made a truly significant impact on the community, and it was a great honour to witness your well-deserved conferment of the community’s Grand Star Award.

I am appreciative of the outstanding projects and monuments that you have generously contributed to Kogi State and particularly in the Okun and Kabba/Bunu areas.

Your commitment to uplifting these communities is truly commendable and has undoubtedly improved the lives of many individuals in the areas.

Furthermore, I would like to express my gratitude for the Federal appointments you have facilitated for our Okun people, including the recent appointment of Hon. Musa Bakare, my Ilajo Royal cousin at the Waziri Umar Federal Polytechnic in Kebbi, for which I thank you on his behalf, on behalf of myself and on behalf of the Ilajo Royalty and people of Oweland/Kabba.

Your advocacy for Okun and Kogi people is truly inspiring, and your dedication to their success does not pass unnoticed.

I am also thankful for the honour and recognition that you continually show to the Kabba/Bunu Elders’ Forum. Your support and generosity towards this group have been remarkable, and I am confident that your efforts will have a lasting impact on the morale, strength and progress of the group.

Your selfless service and commitment to the betterment of our Okun community and Kogi State in general are truly admirable and commendable, and I am confident that your legacies will continue to inspire others in the years to come.

Thank you, Aróle, for your outstanding contributions and unwavering dedication to the cause of Okunland and its people and Kogi State in general.

May your endeavours be met with continued success, progress and prosperity and may Almighty God continue to bless you abundantly and elevate you to even greater heights in the nearest future.


Barr. Dr. Mike Obamero.

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