NOTIFICATION OF MEETING Date: 29 of June 2024 Time: 5:00 p.m. Venue: [Google meet]

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To appreciate the efforts of all who contributed to the landmark judgment in the case of Aisha Aminu’s mother vs. Kogi State Government, supported by Kogi Central Persons with Disabilities Association, and to discuss the next line of action in light of rumors of an appeal.


1. Appreciation and recognition of individuals and organizations that supported the case.
2. Review of the journey so far and the significance of the judgment.
3. Discussion of the rumors of an appeal and strategies to address them.
4. Planning for future advocacy efforts to ensure justice and equality for all.

All persons with disabilities, including members of:

– Joint National Association of Persons with Disabilities
– National Association of Physically Challenged Persons
– National Association of Women with Disabilities
– Kogi Central Persons with Disabilities Association
– Advocacy for Women with Disability Initiative
– Ebira People’s Association
– Kogi State Human Rights Commission
– Network of Women with Disability
– Kogi State Office for Disability Affairs

Media houses interested in the case are also invited to attend.

Contact: Ahmed Abdulkareem Onimisi, Media and Publicity Secretary, Kogi Central Persons with Disabilities Association.
For more info; 080-383-86919

Note: This meeting is open to all persons with disabilities and organizations that support disability rights. Let us come together to celebrate this landmark judgment and continue advocating for justice and equality for all.

To join the meeting on Google Meet, click this link:

Or open Meet and enter this code: yac-biiy-hsj

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