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I, HON. OLOKE JESSE ABAYOMI congratulate His Excellency, Alh. Yahaya Bello for his victory at the election tribunal.

It’s a victory that is so glaring, that even the weak at sight can see.

You said it and it came to pass, that your victory at the poll will be so wide, that the person who comes a distance second will be discouraged from going to court.

Obviously, the opposition party, PDP, undermined that prophetic saying, but paid dearly for it.

Coming barely when the Ramadan is being rounded up. It’s a divine message to the faithless to key into your government and support you to succeed in steering the wheel of kogi to success.

Once again I am congratulating you, Your excellency, and numerous other APC members that contributed to that victory. Together we shall build a better kogi state.

@Oke Oke nio

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