Bello and The Bubbles of COVID-19

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I am from Edo State. I am a member of the People’s Democratic Party. I used to dislike the styles and controversies around Governor Yahaya Bello. But in the past week, I have begun to see him as someone who should lead our nation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has no doubt, brought out the real YAHAYA BELLO as far I am concerned. The critical questions he asked have not been answered by the marketers of COVID-19. He has shown bravery and courage when others are falling over one another to satisfy the COVID-19 agenda.

The Presidential Taskforce on COVID-19 has clearly misadvised our President on the pandemic. They told the President how devastating the virus is and also got the buy in of the man always known for his principled stance.

There is no doubt that COVID-19 is real. But there is also no doubt that it was overhyped for economic reasons. We locked down our nation and locked people in hunger and deprivation. We are running from a dog to a Lion. It is pathetic.

I read a cartoon yesterday and saw how they called the daily figures of NCDC, “NCDC Livescores”. Where are we going in this nation?

I also read in the papers on Sunday, that the Presidential Taskforce on COVID-19 was planning to report Governor Yahaya Bello to Mr President for not “cooperating” with NCDC. In that context, what does “cooperation” mean? Is it about declaring unreasonable figures? Is it about locking his people down and instil fear in them? Is it about killing them before the arrival of the real COVID-19?

Even many of us who never agreed with Yahaya Bello are with him on this. He is speaking for millions of Nigerians. Why are banks falling over one another to donate to COVID-19 funds while planning to sack their staff? Who is pushing them to donate by force? Who is investigating the claims of “declare cases and get paid”? Where is our economy heading to? Who are the beneficiaries of such economic time bomb waiting to explode?It is high time the Presidential Taskforce changed tactics. The current ones are counterproductive. They need to ask economic, social and scientific questions and get answers.

We have injured our economy for COVID-19. It is time to heal the wounds and rebuild. In Jos, Government locked down from Monday to Friday and free Saturday and Sunday for families to restock. Let me ask this: does the virus sleep at weekends?

We need to solve this national deceit, engage our medical scientists to help and reopen our national life. This must not continue further.

Bello and Ayade are the real heroes of the Nigerian people. Let NCDC tell health institutions how they healed the people they claimed got healed from COVID-19. Let the Kano deaths be thoroughly investigated. We must stop ascribing all deaths to COVID-19.

The Gombe show of shame was a disappointment. Those “struggling for breath” suddenly took to the streets to protest their poor welfare at the Isolation Center. Where did they get their strength from? Who is deceiving who?
May God heal our land.

Andrew Ikedi writes in from Auchi, Edo State.

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