BIN-EBAIYA TIJJAN SHEHU Reiterates Commitment to Meet Yearning Aspiration of Lokoja

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Team Best’ supporters are arguably the most luckiest in Kogi State.
Bin-Ebaiya Tijjani Shehu
All they need to do is to spill it out and immediately, it will be audible to the deaf, visible to the blind and understable to all.
All these is as result of their Principal over-unflinching support toward the plights of the good people of Lokoja Local Government area overtime and his vast wealth of experience both in public and private sectors many years ago.
Before his advent into the political scene, The name (Shehu Ebaiya) is an already established identity and has long become an household name within and outside his Local Government Area.
Today, I have not seen a man that’s so love, cherish and admire in recent time, like the gentleman Honourable Bin-Ebaiya Shehu Tijjani (BEST).
What more could the supporters wish for, when God has blessed them with a Beautiful bride?
I therefore want to use this medium to thank all our teaming supporters for their unflinching support and perseverance.
I urged all and sundry to maintained the tempo until we achieve our aim of salvaging our pride; Lokoja Local Government of our dream where development would reach the doorsteps of our people.
Wazirin Talakawa, is a political analyst and Member of Team Best media Team,he writes from lokoja

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