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“A towering intellect and Inspiration”. Descriptions that keep reeling round our mental horizons, as one delve deep into the compelling persona of none other than Chief Pharmacist Abdulkareem Asuku. It’s fair reasoning that challenges and solutions of leadership are inside leaders. This view stands in line with the fact that natural leaders don’t just do things, they change things. Although leadership traits can be developed, certain individuals are, without doubt, born natural leaders. Chief Pharmacist Abdulkareem Asuku falls in this category.

In foresightedness, enthusiasm and dynamism, Asuku has bequeathed many landmark achievements. As a humanitarian, he continues to yield fantastic results especially on his personal health care intervention programmes.

As an epitome of humility and hard-work, serving as Chief of staff with a high sense of responsibility and patriotism flows naturally.

It takes a great divine touch to embark on an ambitious project of this nature, It is only the chosen ones that are responsible and responsive as exhibited by him.

A Pharmacist who takes health care matter of underprivileged and the downtrodden in the society as one of his major priorities. Like the saying goes, “Health is wealth”. Asuku is sacrificing cash, time and emotion even on families without any kind of affiliation. He has continued to strike the posture of a leader on a messianic mission by putting the interests of the common man above partisan niceties. Thus, inspired him in his quest to serve the state with all his strength irrespective of pocket challenges.

Asuku’s greatness cum traits of leadership were evidently noticed in him since from his childhood. His generosity is unequalled, racing through all and sundry, and cutting across all strata. He is an example of born leader.

He turns stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Often mustered the needed courage at every twist and turn of immanent fate, with absolute faith in God to weather the storms. Like raw iron he has been purified through the fires of affliction to assume the inner strength of steel. He represents a ray of hope for a better tomorrow when Kogi state might rediscovered much on a model of leadership that is no longer blinded by partisan, ethnic, religious, regional and clannish bigotry, and we hope the vicissitudes of politics do not derail him and whose administrative clout remains inscrutable. This qualities as such are true democratic principles, respect for human dignity, justice and equity, egalitarianism, non-sentimental opinions and bravery for humanitarian well-being, and a host of others possessed by Chief Pharmacist Abdulkareem Asuku. A patriot whose political wisdom doesn’t lie on words but his goodwill and positive impacts on people through his humanitarian activities.

Asuku’s commitment, passion, empathy, honesty and integrity always come into play at all times, especially on critical issues in governance. His excellent communication skills and decision-making capabilities also play pivotal roles in the success recorded by the New Direction Government under the leadership of the great baobab tree under which we all shelter.

Asuku has carved a niche for himself by dint of hard-work and discipline, maintaining a charismatic and unblemished leadership style that has endeared him to many Kogites. He exhibits absolute leadership traits of a man committed to doing things differently as it is in a developed and organised climes.

A leader who makes lasting impact in the society and touches lives would never be easily forgotten, especially in health, empowerment via and human capacity building. Quite unlike the ones who took up leadership or live for personal aggrandizement, without doing anything to help the poor and the downtrodden in the society. Though averse to the undue complexities of politics, he is nonetheless passionate about good governance as the bedrock of societal orderliness and oxygen for good, sustainable development which has been his core value.

With his unmatched credentials, Asuku passes easily as intellectually smart. His core belief is, to succeed in public service, one must have acquired a certain level of anger with our failures as a society, and be willing to damn all consequences to change things for the better. Speaks to character element that is almost totally absent in our public service space.

He is satisfied working for the benefit of all and Kogi state in particular. His pursuits for perfection on issues in governace is amazing. No doubt, he has proven good example of exemplary leader. A symbol of care, love and commitment. He brings stellar grandeur and much grace to the office as Chief of staff to Kogi State Governor. He continues to blaze the trail by providing and offering leadership at various levels of governance in serving the people well without relenting. Also providing sound and relevant professional advice to the government at different times. The good people of Kogi state commend your courage in leadership and abiding faith in the ideals of democracy and Kogi project. Inspired by your exemplary leadership quality, dedication to the cause of common man and relentless commitment in helping His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello in adding value to the State’s greatness. You are indeed a pharmacist of repute, an astute politician, patriotic leader and democrat of high standard who has the track records of mentoring and supporting youths to accomplish their dreams.

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