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Today marks a very important milestone in the life of the Chief whip of the Kogi House of Assembly Hon .Muktar Bajeh as he turns 40years old .
The young Hon. Bajeh , to the glory of Allah , has had the benevolence of nature smiling on him in these past few glorious years he has spent in life .
No wonder , therefore , despite his young age , he has made tremendous impacts and has achieved a lot both within and outside politics , which he has chosen to engage in after his educational career .
A s a first timer to the State House of Assembly , he got elected as the Chief Whip , an important position that requires intelligence , diplomacy,teamwork and robust human relations/ leadership acumen ,all which he has combined to keep the Assembly and his APC party going
It is worthy of note that the young Muktar has enjoyed the unflinching supports of his Constituency back in Okehi and has not equally failed them in the Assembly .Hon. Bajeh has moved motions and practically demonstrated his humane and characteristic generosity to his constituents in his short time in the House.
Early . in January when there was a fire outbreak in Abobo , the young Chief Whip swung into action , visited and symphatised with victims , and called on the management of Dangote Company to caution their drivers on safe driving as well as assuring that the victims and family got attention needed
Hon. Muktar has also among other gestures to his Constituents , empowered some with cars and reaches out to the needy young and old in and outside his Constituency.
Concerned with the lightning system in Lokoja the State Capital , the Chief Whip recently moved a motion for the rehabilitation of street lights in the state Capital . in addition to other welfare motions moved on behalf of both his people and the state.
At 40 ,there is no doubt that with his robust outings in politics so far ,as exemplified by his sterling qualities and resounding success as a Chief Whip , Hon.Muktar promises to be an astute and result oriented politician as he grows in politics


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