Cosmas Atabor’s Incredible First Year in Office

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Cosmas Atabor’s Incredible First Year in Office

A year ago, Hon. (Barr.) Cosmas Ilemona Atabor was sworn in to represent Igalamela-Odolu Constituency in the Kogi State House of Assembly. It is important to keep the public informed about the lawmaker’s fascinating efforts in lawmaking, oversight functions and humanitarian efforts aimed at making Kogi State and Igalamela-Odolu Constituency much more peaceful and prosperous.

The achievements discussed below are by no means exhaustive, rather simply analysis the impressive progress made by the lawmaker in the year under review.

He did hit the ground running. Sincere and purposeful result oriented representation and fearless pursuit of the best interests of his constituents have been observable in every step he has taken since his overwhelming victory at the polls.

Hon. Atabor understands the functions of a legislator through and through and has performed such with enthusiasm, vigour and fanatic dedication.

His sponsorship of a Private Member Bill for a law to establish the Magistrates Courts for Kogi State which is at advance stages has been hailed by stakeholders in the judiciary. It is hoped that the Bill will enjoy popular support through various stages and transform to a Law that impacts the state and its people positively.

Similarly, Hon. Atabor’s motion for the establishment of Primary Healthcare Centre at Oko-Akpa Ajitata has been largely applauded. When accomplished, the PHC will cater for a population of over eighteen thousand people in a cluster of communities including Oko-Akpa Ajitata, Ojiama, Achejuenwu, Ofe-Agba, Ogichi, Ojiama, Ojiapata and Etitu-Owe especially in the area of primary health care, illness prevention, antenatal and postnatal care, child as well as family health, treatment and care of sick people, among other healthcare and services.

Before, the Inauguration of the seventh Assembly, no meaningful legislative effort was made to draw the attention of relevant authorities to the devastating erosion menace that has plagued Ajaka and environs for decades. As early as August, 2019, Hon. Atabor had already conducted an extensive fact finding inspection of all the major areas ravaged by erosion in Ajaka including: Ikare-Ojokuta road, Ayikpele-Okpe-Imere, Ibochi-Ikelegwu-Aya road, LGEA (NA) Primary School and Emachi Road (Ajaka). By 19th September, 2019, he had already written to the Kogi State Project Coordinator Nigerian Erosion and Watershed Management Project, Lokoja drawing their attention to the problem. There are high hopes that the appropriate actions will be taken in no distant future.

Within his first year, Hon. (Barr.) Cosmas Ilemona Atabor also made remarkable efforts towards supporting the people of his constituency through his Education Support Scheme. Through this, he financed tuition fees, JAMB registration, admissions educational materials and stipends for hundreds of students; not to mention the grading of rural roads such as Imere-Ajaka road

State government political appointees of Igalamela-Odolu extraction would attest to Barr. Atabor’s role in ensuring that they all received smooth screening before the House of Assembly. In addition, his unique ability to find common grounds with various community leaders and government agencies towards fostering peaceful coexistence remains commendable. Not to mention his astonishing record of medical and business support programmes for his constituents.

His support for Christians and Muslims during religious festivities have been phenomenal. Same goes for community based associations as well as women and youths organizations.

To ensure that the efforts of the state government is reflected in the lives of his constituents, Hon. Atabor attracted the following UBEC/SUBEB 2019 Intervention Projects to his constituency: Construction of 2 Classrooms, Office and Store in the following Primary schools:LGEA primary school Ajodanwu, LGEA primary school, Agbokete, LGEA primary school Ekwuloko, LGEA primary school Ukanwili and LGEA primary school Otobo Ajaja.

Others include Construction of 2 Classrooms, Office and Store in ECCDE: ECCDE School Ogboligo, renovation of LGEA primary school Agbokete (4 Classrooms), LGEA primary school Ayah (2 Classrooms), LGEA primary school Ibochi (3 classroomsoffice and store), LGEA primary school Iyegwu(2 classrooms), LGEA primary school Oforachi (3 Classrooms) and LGEA primary school Ukanwili (2 classrooms).

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