Democracy Day: Kogi Information Commissioner Advocates Respect For Human Rights

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Democracy Day: Kogi Information Commissioner Advocates Respect For Human Rights

The need for Nigerians to respect the fundamental Human Rights of one another has been advocated.

Kogi State Commissioner of Information and Communication, Evangelist Kingsley Fanwo made the remark while speaking to Newsmen on the Democracy Day Celebration.

“It is a good development in Nigeria that we transited from the era of totalitarianism to the Democracy were the voice of the people is heard, protected and respected.” The Commissioner Stated.

He explained further “Democracy has helped the media to enjoy a lot of freedom and has helped in shaping our interest as a nation. In Kogi, the Press has enjoyed freedom. There is no bullet that can silent the pen, that is why the administration of Governor Yahaya Bello has decided that for you to progress as a government, you must listen to the people and the conveyor of the ideas of the people is the Press.

He added that “We will want the Media in Kogi to enjoy this freedom by ensuring that it is where their freedom ends that another person’s freedom starts. As a country, we must continue to uphold the tenets of democracy and respect the rights of people.

According to him, “ the executive must continue to implement policies in line with the aspirations of the people. To the Legislature, continue to make laws, carryout oversight function that will put executive on its toes. And the Judiciary should be fearless and fair in handling cases.

Evangelist Fanwo who maintained that the unity of Nigeria is non negotiable said the EBIGO Concept in Kogi has become an established fact.
“Our Unity is sacrosanct. Our Unity is not negotiable and Kogi has displayed that in a practical way. Since Nigeria started from Kogi, we have started the seed of Unity and that is one of the benefits of the Governor Yahaya Bello led administration in Kogi State.”

He stated that Nigeria has witnessed unprecedented development under the Civil Rule as Kogi State is not left out with massive road construction and rehabilitation and provision of other gains of democracy.

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